Bradley Walsh shocked as The Chase star ripped out ear in horror accident

Bradley Walsh was unable to hide his shock during the latest episode of The Chase after one contestant revealed a gruesome injury.

The TV veteran, 60, fell opened mouthed when Sonny opened up about how he lost half of his ear.

The contestant explained how he was working as a tree surgeon when he fell and ripped it in half.

Sonny, told a horrified Bradley how he tumbled '10ft' which was 'enough to pull my ear off'.

To make matters worse, he had only been working in the role for a couple of years.

Trying to make light of the injury, Bradley asked what type of tree it was, to which he was informed it was a 'poplar' tree..

Never one to shy away from a gag, Bradley chuckled: "Well, not very poplar now".

When it came to taking on the Chaser, Sonny was paired with Darragh.

Contestant turned quiz master teased: "You are a joiner who became a tree surgeon, so you literally branched out."

After only picking up £2,000 in the quick fire found, Sonny was offered a bumper high offer of £35,000.

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If he took a step closer to home he would have to half his money to £1,000.

Sticking to his guns, Sonny stuck with his £2,000 and luckily made it back home.

Unfortunately for him the next two contestants were caught by the chaser.

The fourth and final contestant Danny managed to pick up £7,000 in his quick fire round.

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Though just a couple of places from home he was caught meaning Sonny was the only hopeful to make it to The Final Chase.

Sadly due to the fact he was on his own, Sonny only had 11 places on the final chase meaning he was caught with one minute and three seconds on the clock.

The Chase continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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