‘Blue Bloods’: Abigail Hawk Tells Us Her Favorite Episodes So Far (Exclusive)

BlueBloods star Abigail Hawk has been part of the cast since 2010. Sheplays the role of Abigail Baker and has become a fan favorite over the years.Here’s what Hawk told Showbiz Cheat Sheet about her favoriteBlue Bloods episodes so far.

1. ‘Manhattan Queens’

One of Hawk’s favorites is season 14, episode 4, titled “ManhattanQueens.” In this 2014 episode, Danny and Baez look into the murder of TiffanyLamp, a well-known drag queen who appeared on a reality television show. Unfortunately,she was found murdered in a park. Also, Erin analyzes a drug case set to go totrial after she is abducted by the defendant’s mother. Here’s what Hawk told ShowbizCheat Sheet about why she likes this episode:

I could take up the entire interview listing my favorite episodes and why, but if I had to choose, [one of my favorites would be] “Manhattan Queens,” where the Suffolk County Chief of Police demeans Baker in a room full of men by saying he would love for her to stop and frisk him, because he’s “packing, if you know what I mean.” She brilliantly shuts him down with one decisive sentence: “Stop and Frisk is highly ineffective when it comes to finding the itty-bitty contraband.”  Mic. Drop.

2. ‘Something Blue’

Blue Bloods Season 9, Episode 22, titled “SomethingBlue,” is another favorite of Hawk’s. Unfortunately, some fans disliked thisepisode because they didn’t get to see much of Jamie and Eddie’s wedding.Viewers took to social media to express disappointment about not being able towatch Jamko take their vows. However, Hawk tells Showbiz Cheat Sheet thisepisode was special for her because it was the first time the entire cast was together.Hawk explains what she enjoyed about season 9, episode 22:

The season 9 finale, “Something Blue,” sees Frank ordering Baker, Gormley, and Garrett to switch jobs to prove to each other (and our boss) that we are all essential and need to work together. We filmed it all in one take, and it was honestly so much fun.  Plus, this was Jamie and Eddie’s wedding episode and the first time the entire cast had all been together, which was very special.

3. Any episode where Abigail Baker gets to leave the office

If you watch the show regularly, you’ll notice Baker is usually in the office with her co-workers. Hawk says she enjoys filming scenes where Baker gets to leave the office and do something different. We don’t blame her. Who wants to be cooped up in an office all day?

Hawk says those moments when she’s allowed to explore the outdoors are memorable for her. “Anytime Baker gets to go ‘off leash,’ and out of office is memorable,Hawk told us. “[For example], her stakeout with Gormley, her undercover job as a sexual assault victim, her sharing intel with Officer Janko outside of 1PP, and her drinking whiskey with Frank after turning down a job offer at IAB (Internal Affairs Bureau).

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