Below Deck fans confused as they cant believe Captain Lees age

Below Deck: Captain Lee says he would not have Danny back

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Bravo viewers are struggling to believe the real age of Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach as some declare “fake news” after discovering the boat boss’ date of birth. Fans found out the “Stud of the Sea’s” true age and have since said they “never could have guessed in a million years”.

Captain Lee has pretty much appeared on every single episode of the popular reality TV series ever made.

Only recently he took a brief break during the show’s tenth season while he recovered from ongoing health issues.

But as the series continues on Bravo, fans are only just realising how old the boat captain is and no one can believe it.

The great-grandfather told one Twitter fan that he “loved” them this week after they revealed his age in a new post.

Followers rallied to gush over how “amazing” Lee looked and refused to believe he was really born back in November 1949.

User @Kristiecrow71 wrote: “Did you guys know Captain Lee is 73?

“I swear I thought he was in his late forties or like maybe 51. Wow he looks AMAZING!!”

Captain Lee quoted the Tweet on his page, adding: “I love you Kristie.”

Fan @ToniZ126 wrote: “Capt. Lee can be 90 years old and he will still be the STUD OF THE SEA!! He looks amazing!!!!”

While @Tat_in_Ottawa guessed: “Also, I watch the show with my sons and they guessed 52.”

Account @pinky8256 added: “I paused the tv one day and said the same thing…my Captain Red October/Captain Lee is a beast!!!!”

@inhousemouse wrote: “Seriously never would guess 73 in a million years.”

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Twitter user @Tat_in_Ottawa said: “Fake news!! No way he’s 73!!!!! Whaaaaat?!”

While @ DesiDlnek wrote in the replies: “Damn, 73. You could knock me over with a feather, looking good Captain Lee!”

Lee was born and raised in Michigan and has travelled the world while working in both the restaurant and yachting businesses.

Speaking about Below Deck in a previous interview, he once explained he was cast for the show “by accident”.

He told Ellen DeGeneres that his boss called him, saying: “Some TV network wants to do a TV show on the boat and they want to charter it for six weeks.”

“All you have to do is go down to St. Maarten [and] drop the boat off,” he explained.

Lee said: “For one reason or another, the captain that they had selected couldn’t fulfil his obligations.

“So they had a conundrum, because we were already late into the game. And they needed a captain, so they said, ‘Well, I guess we’ll use the old guy’.”

Below Deck continues Mondays on Bravo in the US and Hayu in the UK.

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