BBC viewers switch off as they slam dated Baldrick sketch

Comic Relief: Baldrick does CBeebies Bedtime stories

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Comic Relief is always a big time of the year where actors, comedians, singers and TV personalities come together in order to raise money. This year, Blackadder’s Tony Robinson revived his iconic role as Baldrick to present CBeebies Baldrick’s Bedtime Story. However, as some fans were thrilled to see the character back on their screens, many switched off from the “dated and boring” sketch.

Introducing the segment, presenter David Tennant said: “It is time for Baldrick’s Bedtime story,” to which Joel Dommett teased: “Who knew Baldrick could read?”

Baldrick began: “Hello children, this is a lovely story called Bald-erella. Once upon a time, there was a nice little fella and his name was Baldrick.

“He lived in a house with a very nasty man called Edmund Blackadder and often Blackadder would say ‘Baldrick you are as stupid as Stuart McStupid who won the stupidest man in Britain award 17 years in a row’.

“Which wasn’t very nice because Baldrick was actually quite clever and often had some very cunning plans.”

Baldrick continued his story and took inspiration from the child’s story and film Cinderella, whilst also staying in keeping with the 1980’s series Blackadder.

Concluding the story, Baldrick expressed: “Everybody cheered and Baldrick was as happy as a little mole.

“But unfortunately, when Baldrick had taken off his shoe the princess had taken one whiff of his rotting feet and instantly died a horrible death.

“And everyone in the kingdom said ‘cut off his head’ and Mr Blackadder said ‘don’t bother, it won’t make any difference there is nothing in it’.

“So they went away and Mr Blackadder and Baldrick lived unhappily ever after.”

Many viewers of the show were left annoyed with the segment and took to their Twitter to express their views.

@estindle fumed: “What a turn off. So dated and boring #baldrick #ComicRelief Is that all you can drum up in 2023 #bbc? #notfunny.”

Chloe Marie commented: “I tried twice to watch it, but I’ve switched off now. For good! #ComicRelief #RedNoseDay shite.”

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David Mackay expressed: “This bedtime story is about as funny as a case of piles #ComicRelief.”

Rob Gilbert-Warsop stated: “Boredrick more like #ComicRelief.” (sic)

However, not all viewers were left “bored” from the sketch as Adam Thomas praised: “Baldrick’s Bedtime story Epic stuff! Massive Blackadder fan!!! #ComicRelief.”

@Miss_Terreh exclaimed: “Blackadder is one of my all-time faves. I am loving Baldricks story #ComicRelief.” (sic)

When Tony Robinson was asked to revive Baldrick for Comic Relief, he told Radio Times: “He [Richard Curti] said, ‘I’ve just written a story for Baldrick – how would you feel about performing this on Comic Relief?’.

“I read it and texted him straight back – ‘Try and stop me.’ What’s remarkable is the way Richard was able to pick up the voice and rhythms of Baldrick straight away, having not written him for practically 25 years.”

Comic Relief is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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