As Jacqueline Jossa’s car crash marriage to Dan Osborne threatens to derail her career, is she the new Kerry Katona? – The Sun

<p>JACQUELINE JOSSA was once the rising star of EastEnders, tipped to be one of the few actresses to make a successful career away from soap land.</p>
<p>But instead of becoming the new Suranne Jones, with her eye on Baftas and Oscars, she is now left looking like the new Kerry Katona with a future in reality TV — all thanks to her car crash marriage to Towie hunk Dan Osborne.</p>
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<p>This week The Sun revealed how Jacqueline, 27, threatened to quit I’m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here! after campmate Myles Stephenson told her he believed Dan had been unfaithful with the Rak-Su star’s ex, Gabby Allen.</p>
<p>It’s exactly the type of real-life storyline Jacqueline didn’t need as she desperately tries to rebuild her image as a talented actress, rather than, in her words, a “doormat”.</p>
<p>One close friend of the couple told The Sun: “This show was meant to be all about her, as people only know her character from EastEnders, or as this downtrodden figure whose husband seems to walk all over her.</p>
<p>“Jacqueline will be devastated when she finds out her thunder has been stolen.</p>
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<p>“Given the huge scale of the show, her issues with Dan are now going to be projected to an even greater audience.”</p>
<p>So what does she see in a bloke like him? A man who once threatened to knife his ex-girlfriend if she had sex with other men — while he was in a relationship with Jacqueline.</p>
<p>Ironically, despite their turbulent marriage, pals say there is a sense of normality.</p>
<p>For Jacqueline is an accidental star who never expected her career to bloom so quickly after she was signed up to her first acting role, EastEnders’ troubled teen Lauren Branning, in 2010, aged just 17.</p>
<h2>Hates limelight and craved stability</h2>
<p>She earned an NTAs nod for best newcomer after successfully taking over the role from Madeline Duggan.</p>
<p>The South Londoner, who was born in Bexley, Kent, trained at the D&amp;B Theatre School in Bromley before attending the Royal Academy of Music in London.</p>
<p>She hates the limelight and says she would trade in her life if given the chance to be anonymous.</p>
<p>Friends says she is old before her time and was desperate to have kids and settle down.</p>
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<p>She craved stability after her father spent four years in prison for fraud while she was in her late teens and early 20s.</p>
<p>She and Dan married two years ago, having been together since 2013, and have two daughters, Ella, four, and Mia, one.</p>
<p>Unfortunately, nobody told Dan, 28, that part of being a good married dad involves fidelity.</p>
<p>Pals believe he lacks a moral compass and that while he wants to be married and have kids, he simply can’t understand the need for loyalty.</p>
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<p>And they say he can’t resist approaches from girls who are attracted to married men.</p>
<p>While he always wanted kids — and already had a five-year-old son, Teddy, with an ex when he met Jacqueline — he has made it no secret to friends that he wasn’t anticipating them starting a family when he was just 23.</p>
<p>It was when Jacqueline was pregnant with their second baby, in April 2018, that Dan allegedly cheated on her with former Love Island star Gabby — which prompted her jungle meltdown.</p>
<p>Both Dan and Gabby denied anything went on between them. Dan has repeatedly told Jacqueline the claims are vicious rumours, but close friends suspect there’s no smoke without fire.</p>
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<p>Dan has been linked to a number of women over the years he has been with Jacqueline.</p>
<p>The most recent, other than Gabby, was another former Love Island face, Alexandra Cane, whom he was said to have snogged on a night out.</p>
<p>Dan denied it but Jacqueline threw him out, and not for the first time.</p>
<p>Dan has come clean about a one-night stand with a woman he met in Maidstone, Kent.</p>
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<p>A girl contacted Jacqueline on Instagram and gave her intimate details about Dan that she could only have known if they had slept together.</p>
<p>Jacqueline told Dan he had to admit it and work at the relationship — or leave for good. He eventually came clean and she forgave him. But Jacqueline is not the only girlfriend he has been accused of treating appallingly.</p>
<p>In 2015 The Sun revealed a series of secret audio recordings made by his ex, Megan Tomlin, the mother of his first child, in which he threatened to “stab her in the throat” if she dated another man. He was already with Jacqueline by this point.</p>
<p>The pal added: “Dan struggles to stay faithful. He hasn’t been the best husband or boyfriend.”</p>
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<p>Dan’s treatment of Jacqueline has not done him any favours in the Jossa family, either.</p>
<p>After one bout of infidelity her parents John, 65, and Selina, 63, told their daughter they were “done” with him.</p>
<p>They have barely spent any time with Dan, or their two grandkids, while she has been Down Under, even though they had to fly to ­Australia alongside their son-in-law on Tuesday and Wednesday — which will have made for some awkward silences on the long trip.</p>
<p>A family source added: “They’re fed up with the way he’s treated their daughter.”</p>
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<p>Jacqueline has something of an unusual relationship with her mum and dad, too.</p>
<p>Despite finding fame at just 17 in the BBC1 soap, she had to turn provider after her dad was sentenced to four years’ jail because of a £491,000 fraud in 2012.</p>
<p>John was caught abusing his position as head of finance at Enfield Council by creating false invoices, as well as lying about his wife working for the council.</p>
<p>He siphoned off £42,000 to his wife and more than £448,000 into his own pocket, then lost nearly all of it investing in financial scams.</p>
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<p>It meant Jacqueline had to buy them their home in South East London. At one point she, Dan and the kids all lived at the house with the in-laws.</p>
<p>One of the results of her gruelling EastEnders schedule, her cramped home set-up and having children so young is that Jacqueline’s social life is depressingly thin.</p>
<p>Before she went into the jungle she told The Sun she had just five friends — including her parents.</p>
<p>She said: “When you’re in this industry you have to hold the ones you love close. And that’s what I do. I don’t necessarily always open up to newbies.</p>
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<p>“I kind of feel I’m often the one that looks like I’m a victim a lot of the time. And I want to show that I’m actually really strong. And I know exactly what’s going on. I’m not stupid.</p>
<p>“People think I am a pushover or a doormat. I also think some people pity me.</p>
<p>“I want to show I am fine, I am up for a laugh and that I will go for it and try my best. I don’t regret one second of getting with Daniel, which obviously heightened our relationship and heightened everybody’s interest in it. I guess it comes with the territory.”</p>
<p>Dan landed in Australia on Wednesday to face the music over Myles’s claim about him and Gabby.</p>
<p>Dan told The Sun: “I’ve got nothing to say to him, only my wife. She’s my wife.</p>
<p>&quot;I’ve got nothing to worry about, nothing to think about. I’m coming down here to support her and that’s the only reason I’m here.</p>
<p>“I’m excited to see her, so the last person on my mind is Myles or anyone else.” It’s doubtful Jacqueline will be as excited to see him.</p>

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