Antiques Roadshow guest ‘refuses’ to wear ring after being told its huge value

An Antiques Roadshow guest said she would never wear a ring again after discovering its eye-watering value.

The woman brought two stunning diamond rings with very different designs to the popular BBC programme and asked jewellery expert Susan Rumfitt to have a proper look.

In a clip from the episode, the guest explains that the rings were passed to her from her great grandfather who got the stones from South Africa after having moved to Malawi in the late 1920s.

She tells the expert that she favours the one with three remarkable stones set in the middle, whereas the other ring "looks a bit busy".

Susan gives a rough estimation on the amount of carats set on each ring.

She references the guest's favourite ring and says: "Carat-wise, the three stone one has got a bigger stone and maybe that’s why you’re drawn to it.

"The total amount of carats that we have here is, each one’s about 70 points, so just over three-quarters of a carat for each stone.

"The other, cross-shaped one, we’ve probably got maybe up to two carats in total with regard to those stones as well, and both of them are set in platinum."

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  • While Susan points out that the two rings have similar style of settings and suggests that they could have been made in either Paris or London, it is the details on one of the rings that catches her attention.

    She points at the cross-shaped ring and tells the guest that it has got a "very faint and worn signature" inside the shank.

    "If I said the name 'Cartier', would you know?" Susan asks.

    The guest blinks and nods her head, replying: "Oh yes."

    The expert continues: "Which one would you prefer now?"

    "I think I might not wear that one," the guest jokes. "Oh goodness."

    Susan, however, suggests her to wear the Cartier ring with pride as other members of her family had done.

    When it comes to the value of the rings, the specialist says the three-stoned ring, which has more carat weight to the Cartier ring, is priced around £2,000 to £3,000.

    And the Cartier ring, due to its brand, is valued between £4,000 and £6,000.

    The owner then reconsiders her choices by wearing them and jokes: "I’ve got two hands."

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