Antiques Road Trip guest refused to sell item Would love to have taken

Antiques Road Trip: Angus has his eye on engraved gold jug

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In the upcoming series of Celebrity Yorkshire Auction House, expert Angus Ashworth was on the hunt for weird and wonderful treasures in the homes of a number of celebrities. Throughout the series, the Antiques Road Trip expert helped the likes of Craig Revel Horwood, Rav Wilding and Debbie McGee to de-clutter their homes by auctioning off some of their unwanted items.

However, in an exclusive interview with, Angus explained that some of the celebrities struggled to part with their beloved items.

He admitted because Craig Revel Horwood was moving, he let the expert have free reign of his house and let him auction whatever he wanted.

However, former political correspondent, John Sergeant needed some persuading.

Angus went on to add that he would have loved to have taken some of John’s treasured antiques.

The expert began: “There were a lot of items in his house I would have loved to have taken.

“But that’s often the case in my job. People think about what they want to let go and sometimes they ask me, ‘What do you think it’s worth?’

“‘Do I let it go. If it’s not worth much or I’ll hang on to it as it means more sentimentally’.”

In John’s episode, which is available to stream on discovery+, Angus told the journalist he had some wonderful items in his house.

Although, John shut the expert down, as he replied: “Those wonderful things we want to keep, thank you.”

“One of the most amazing things about my job is going into people’s houses,” Angus explained.

“Not because I’m nosy but you get to see all sorts of houses.

“I love architecture and John has got some amazing things, but for me, the greatest thing in the house.”

Angus struggled to get John to part with some of his antiques. However, in the end, he ended up selling his antique chest on the stand.

John explained his stepfather bought the chest and when his mother died, she passed it on to him.

Angus seemed to get excited by the item, as he exclaimed: “That is a proper antique.

“It’s a joy to see. It has made the trip down from Yorkshire worth it.”

When he came to the live auction, Angus managed to sell the chest for £3,900.

Speaking about the series as a whole, the expert said he was nervous about what he would find at the celebrities’ houses.

“There was an interesting mix of items,” Angus said. “You never know when you get to somebody’s house what they were going to bring out to you to sell.

“And it was almost the anticipation of is this going to be any good? There was always that little bit of nervousness on my side from a business point of view.”

Celebrity Yorkshire Auction House airs on Really, Mondays at 9pm and is available to stream on Discovery+

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