Antiques Road Trip expert unable to look as chair makes huge loss ‘I can’t bear it!’

Antiques Road Trip: Chair sells for £13

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Charlie Ross and Izzie Balmer were paired together in a recent episode of Antiques Road Trip and they were on the hunt for treasures they could turn into profit when sold at auction. During one stop, Charlie spotted a small Edwardian chair and managed to haggle the price down to £40. But when it went under the hammer, he was left unable to look as it was sold for a measly £14. 

“This is delicious!” The expert exclaimed spotting the item in the shop. 

“Do you know why I really like this? There are two things; one, when I saw it coming through the door I thought it would be a reproduction, this is the sort of thing that is reproduced in the Far East all the time. 

“And it’s not! It’s Edwardian, 1920, 1930? It’s in fantastic condition. 

“Do you think that’s a child’s rocking chair? If a child had been rocking on that it would’ve fallen to bits!” Charlie asked the dealer. 

“I know, there’s no damage on it,” she chimed and he added: “And it’s fab.” 

The ticket said it was priced at £55 but Charlie wanted a bargain: “If I were to ask you on bended knee of what your price was?” 

“I could do £40,” the lady offered and he agreed: “Could you? And that would make you a profit? I wouldn’t dream of beating you down anymore!” 

As for what happened when it went to auction, the Antiques Road Trip voiceover introduced: “Now, Charlie’s first piece of furniture that’s a charming Edwardian rocking chair.”

“It’s a wonderful thing, I absolutely love it,” Charlie said to Izzie. “It’s Edwardian, it’s in super condition – a bit like me really, Edwardian and in super condition.” 

“£20 to start it then, a lovely little item,” the auctioneer said shocking Charlie: “I can’t believe it!” 

The first bid was met with silence in the room and the auctioneer added: “Come on, it’s got to be worth £10 surely? £10 in the seats in front.” 

“I can’t believe this!” Charlie exclaimed looking away. 

“£12 on the net, £14 on the net, £16?” The auctioneer continued. 

“I can’t bear this,” Charlie reiterated and the auctioneer said: “I really rated this chair, it’s got to sell!” 

At £14 the hammer was banged and the Antiques Road Trip voiceover joked: “That didn’t rock out. Such a shame. it was lovely.” 

“That was one of the nicest things I’ve ever bought on the Road Trip,” Charlie said disheartened. “£14.” 

Izzie said: “That’s really terrible.” 

Charlie finished with: “I thought I had stolen it for £40!” 

Charlie had started with £200 in his piggy, after auction costs, he made a small loss of £5.66. 

Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer now and at 4.30pm on BBC One weekdays. 

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