Americas Got Talent Recap: More Acts Hit the Stage in Second Quarterfinals Night

T3 opens the episode with a performance of Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Good 4 U’, while Dokteuk Crew hits the stage as they attempt to embrace the Americana cowboy aesthetic for their performance.

AceShowbiz -More acts hit the stage in the new episode of “America’s Got Talent” season 16. In the second Quarterfinals night, judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum were treated to more performances from 12 contestants, 7 of which were moving forward.

T3 opened the episode with a performance of Olivia Rodrigo‘s “Good 4 U”. Heidi and Simon, however, didn’t really like the fact that the group opted to use music instead of going a capella. Later, Dokteuk Crew hit the stage as they attempted to embrace the Americana cowboy aesthetic for their performance.

Up next was Johnny Showcase, whose performance didn’t really impress the judges. Things were different for singer Tory Vagasy. She successfully wowed the judges as she belted out “Heart of Stone” from “SIX the Musical”. Meanwhile, Shuffolution incorpated bright lights and colors in their performance. The judges, however, didn’t really love the performance.

Aerialist Aidan Bryant offered an amazing performance that was enough to make Heidi gush over him. “You’re an inspiration to so many we have seen so many aerial acts on this stage that have been doing it for 10, 15 years. You’ve been doing it for two years,” Heidi said. Simon agreed as he added, “He’s 16 years old. He had no safety mat he could have broke his neck. This is the best live performance by a mile. This is a star in the making, a Vegas act, what this show is all about. You are the one to beat.”

Performing next was Gowie’s Golden Buzzer winner, Northwell Health Nurse Choir. They put on an emotional performance as they sang “You Will Be Found”. “That was the most beautiful moment. America, you would be crazy if you didn’t vote for them,” Howie marveled.

Positive Impact Movement hoped to be sent to the next round with their acrobatics performance. During the performance, which saw the four men shirtless, they were standing on each other’s shoulders while tossing around basketballs. Unimpressed, Simon hit his buzz while Sofia and Heidi loved it.

Also among the performer that night was mentalist Peter Antoniou. For his performance that night, Sofia was asked to eat from a can that Simon chose. “I love how there’s so many layers to your act. You tell a story, but it’s easy to follow what’s happening, and it’s super engaging,” Heidi raved. “I love it. You always think of something new. It’s always special. I love it.”

While Korean Soul delivered a magnificent performance Aerosmith‘s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, not all judge was impressed. Heidi thought the performance was “snoozey” and Simon said it was “predictable” and not super exciting. Sofia, meanwhile, loved the group. Howie agreed, calling it his favorite moment of the night so far.

Josh Blue decided to poke fun at Simon’s bike accident in his performance. Simon loved the jokes and believed that Josh would stay on the competition for long. Opera singer Victory Brinker continued to wow the judges despite her age. Heidi praised the 9-year-old, calling her voice unreal.

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