Alyssa Milano Talks About Being Milo Ventimiglia's First Celebrity Crush

Actress Alyssa Milano has been a fixture in television and film since the 1980s. She continues to act, starring in various projects including the upcoming Lifetime film Tempting Fate. While doing press for the drama flick, she spoke about her professional life, family, and what she thinks about the pressure of being the popular celebrity crush of other celebrities.

How did Alyssa Milano become famous?

Milano hit it big with her very first acting role. She starred on the long-running sitcom Who’s the Boss? as Samantha Micelli, daughter to Tony Danza’s character. After a recurring role on the teen soap Melrose Place, she went on to star in another pivotal series, the fantasy drama Charmed, which recemented her as a household name.

Since Charmed, Milano’s roles have been less iconic, but are still notable. She recurred in comedies such as My Name Is Earl and Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, and starred on the short-lived comedy Romantically Challenged, the mystery series Mistresses, and the controversial Netflix offering Insatiable.

On being the celebrity crush to stars like Milo Ventimiglia

Because she starred in two long-running series that spanned nearly three decades, Milano became something of a fixture on TV, resulting in her becoming a teen idol of sorts. “My celebrity crush growing up it was always Alyssa Milano,” said This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia in a previously recorded interview with Access Live.

“With Milo, it’s funny because I named my son Milo. And it’s because I fell in love with that name after working with Milo Ventimiglia,” said Milano in her own Access Live interview. She’s referring to the 2008 horror film Pathology, in which they both starred. And there’s even another connection. “At one point I think my husband was his agent as well,” she added.

But Milano has worries about her teen idol status. “I always feel like when I meet people in person who have said that, that there’s a potential that I could be maybe letting them down or disappointing them.” The hosts reassured her that she’s still crush-worthy to this day.

Here’s what Milano is famous for these days

Yes, she is an actress. But in recent years, Milano has often made the news more for her politics than her latest gig. Her most notable contribution was, in 2017, when she helped to popularize the Me Too movement by promoting the hashtag on her Twitter account. This was right around the time it was revealed that her Charmed co-star, Rose McGowan, was one of the women who accused producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault.

But Milano does more than just post on social media. She hosts a podcast, Sorry Not Sorry. She created a content platform, Patriot Not Partisan, that works to bridge the gap between political parties. And Milano is a celebrity partner with NoRA (No Rifle Association), which fights against the NRA to help prevent gun violence in the U.S.

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