A Place in the Sun: Jasmine Harman screams in horror in bizarre segment ‘Absolutely mad’

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A Place in the Sun presenter Jasmine was back at the helm of the Channel 4 show ready to show a prospective buyer around the island, which she had been visiting for over a decade. A Place in the Sun guest Sue soon revealed an extensive list of criteria and it proved a difficult house hunt for Jasmine. However, when the pair ended up trying out something new to get a taste of island life, Jasmine clearly didn’t enjoy the experience and was left screaming next to the guest.

Sue had decided she wanted to buy a holiday home in Madeira after countless visits to the island.

In tow with her friend Elaine, the buyer explained she was looking for a two-bedroom property. 

The pair soon fell in love with the second place they were shown by Jasmine after a tricky start.

But the host was left speechless for another reason when she revealed to the pair they would be trying out a spot of tobogganing.

An injured Elaine wasn’t able to participate, leaving Sue and Jasmine to join in together. 

The activity involved the duo being pushed down some of the winding island streets in a hair-raising segment.

Jasmine wasn’t keen to follow through with the activity, asking Elaine: “Can I stay with you?” but Sue insisted: “No, I’m taking you with me!”

The host was soon screaming after clearly not enjoying the experience, telling Sue: “Oh my goodness, this is absolutely mad.”


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