1000lb Sisters Tammy Slaton admits I was big from birth’

1000lb Sisters: Trailer for fourth series

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1000lb Sisters has reached its fourth season, as it follows the Slaton sisters through their weight loss journeys. In the fifth episode of the TLC reality show, Tammy Slaton was ecstatic as she finally reached her goal weight to hopefully get approved for weight-loss surgery. The Slaton sister also shared a handful of childhood pictures showing viewers how she was “big from birth”.

One-half of the 1000lb Sisters, Tammy, showed fans a rare snap of her from her teens in a recent episode of the popular TLC series.

The star explained to the cameras: “Life threw me some obstacles, the lord knows that.”

She then showed viewers a sweet photo of herself as a child with long, curly hair and a white T-shirt with her name on it.

Talking to the camera she said: “I mean, I was always big, I was big from birth. Mom keeps saying, when I was like, 2 and 3, she would have to buy adult clothes just to fit me.”

She continued: “Like, that would cut the pants down, and just progressed. I got depressed and then it turned into a food addiction.”

Tammy then claimed the “devil” tried to take her out, but she overcame the obstacles to get to where she needed to be now.

The reality star was 36 when filming for the fourth season began and she spoke with her family saying: “A world has passed me by.”

But Tammy said she has renewed hope, as there’s a lot she has yet to see and do in her life.

The fifth episode of 1000lb Sisters kicked off on a happy note, as Tammy celebrated a huge achievement as fans watched her reach her goal weight.

The beginning of the season showed the sister at her heaviest, 717lbs.

After emergency treatment and a tracheotomy, she swore she would do everything to reach her goal weight of 550lbs.

Dr Eric Smith told Tammy that if she dropped to 550lbs, she could qualify for bariatric surgery.

In episode five of the season, the star told her doctor that she made it down to 534lbs, leaving him speechless with her excellent progress.

Dr Smith told the cameras: “When I first met Tammy, she was way far away from ever getting here.

“And I’m just really excited for her that she’s finally got to this point where she did this,” he added.

The doctor explained to Tammy that she still had to make it past other medical evaluations before officially getting the go-ahead for surgery.

But the Slaton sister was for sure on the right track to changing her life for the better, she cheered: “I’m extremely proud of myself. I succeeded.”

The Slaton sister has a newfound confidence and hope as the fourth season of 1000lb Sisters continue.

It appears the reality star is doing better than ever, especially after she married the love of her life, Caleb Willingham, at the rehab centre where they met.

Thankfully she was able to get bariatric surgery too, and it looks like the TV personality has lost a lot of weight thanks to a series of new Instagram snaps.

She also told Us Weekly that her husband Caleb remains incredibly supportive of her.

1000lb Sisters season 4 continues Tuesday on TLC in the USA.

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