We suck right now: Brian Cashman sounds off on Yankees

Brian Cashman has seen enough of the Yankees to offer a frank assessment as their wildly inconsistent season nears the midpoint.

“I know they urgently want to get on track, but I also know that we suck right now, as bad as you can be,” Cashman said Tuesday before the Yankees tried to snap a four-game losing streak against the Angels. “Trying to knock ourselves out of that is the effort, but until we get online and start playing high again, it’s gonna look bad. It plays bad and it stinks to high heavens. Right now, we gotta own that.

“I gotta call it like I see it: It’s pretty bad right now.”

But that doesn’t have Cashman ready to fire any of his coaching staff, as the general manager offered manager Aaron Boone a vote of confidence as he headed into Tuesday with a 40-38 record.

“This is not an Aaron Boone problem and this is not a coaching staff problem,” Cashman said. “They’re doing what they need to do but we’re not getting the results we need. They’ve got my support. We’re in this together.”

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