UFC Vegas 21's Darren Stewart putting personal ambitions aside this year in favour of family and financial security

DARREN STEWART's plan for 2021 is simple: get paid as often as possible.

The Dentist was one of the few fighters on the UFC roster who managed to maintain a busy schedule during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, fighting three times in 2020.

Although the world is slowly but surely getting back to normal, nothing is by any means guaranteed.

So while there are opportunities for Brits to compete regularly, Stewart intends to make the most of them and bank as much money as he can for his young family.

The Londoner told SunSport: "I have no choice [but to compete often, man. I have no choice about if I want to do it or not.

"I'm not doing it for rankings, records and exposure and all that malarkey. I'm doing it to get money."

Landing a bonus in his UFC Fight Night 187 clash with Eryk Anders – as he did in his stoppage victory over Maki Pitolo – would go a long way to easing Stewart's financial concerns.

He said: "We're not fighting every two months, we're fighting every four or five months. And that's during a pandemic.


"I don't work as well. So whatever I make from last September, I'm living on until now. So I'm going again, I'm going again and I'm going again.

"So that's maybe why people love the way I fight. Because I don't care bout taking a risk.

"I fight like my life depends on it because I've got money to make."

While most middleweights cutting their teeth on the UFC roster are solely concerned about rankings, Stewart's main concern keeping his head above financial water.

And that mindset won't change until normalcy returns across the globe.

He said: "I don't care if I go out there and if win or lose or don't get a ranking or if I don't get the belt, I'm out here to make money and come back home.

"Until the world is back to normal, none of that is on my mind. Unless it's money."

He added: "I don't give a damn, I'm just gonna go fight. Whatever the result may be, I'm gonna come back and I'll fight again.

"Just get paid doing it. That's what I'm on mentality wise."

Stewart believes his current mindset has served him well, saying: "To be fair, that mentality has made me a better person.

"I used to fixate my mind too much on, 'I've gotta win, I've gotta win. I've got to get the ranking, I've got to get face this guy, I've got to get into the top ten to get the belt.'

"But when the lockdown happened in the UK and you've got designer [gear] at home and nowhere to wear it, it just shows you that certain things in life don't matter. But money does."

With a bonus at the forefront of his mind, Stewart plans to make his tasty clash with Anders a memorable one.

He said: "[It'll be] me giving him hell. Giving him hell. I'm too fast, my endurance is off the roof.

"I'm just gonna be on his case, on him like a bad smell. I just hope he's got cardio, endurance and speed, which it doesn't look like he's got.

"But if he's got it, it'll be a good fight. If he ain't got it, it'll be a long night."

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