Tyson Fury predicts outcome of Anthony Joshua fight with Oleksandr Usyk… but thinks pair will never meet

TYSON FURY reckons Oleksandr Usyk would beat Anthony Joshua – but he can't see the fight going ahead.

AJ is due to fight Kubrat Pulev before his mandatory bout against Ukrainian hardman Usyk.

Joshua, 30, has also agreed to take on the Gypsy King twice next year.

But he will have to vacate his WBO title if he swerves the fight against Usyk, 33, to face Fury.

Fury, 32, has called for his rival to "forget the belt" and set up an all-British showdown.

The unbeaten heavyweight told Behind The Gloves: "All this 'undisputed' bulls***, I'm not really too convinced about it.

"I've won every belt there is to win and having another stack of belts that I already own don't really mean s*** to me.

"Rather than fight all these mandatories that he's got, I'd say just vacate those belts and fight the fight that everybody wants to see.

"I ain't running from you, I don't care about you, I'll go through you like a hot knife through butter.

"So come and fight the big boys, step up to the plate and get knocked out. Then go and fight all those easy guys.

"No disrespect to Oleksandr Usyk, great fighter, cruiserweight world champion, probably going to be a heavyweight champion if he fights Joshua in the meantime.

"But listen, don't take my retirement cheque baby, don't do it.

"I said to Wilder years ago, I said, 'Don't take my retirement fund, do not fight Joshua, he's mine. He's my countryman, I'm having him, I'm breaking him in'.

"But it didn't happen, he got broken in by an unlikely suspect.

"Yeah, [I believe Usyk would beat Joshua] they fight.

"But I bet they don't because why would he fight Usyk and get paid like ten per cent what he can make off the Gypsy King?

"Forget the belt, vacate it, let them boys fight for the vacant belt whoever it is, and then come up and fight big time.

"We're not in boxing to fight some unknown guys, we're in boxing to fight the biggest, best fights out there at this level."

WBC champion Fury is preparing for third and final showdown with Deontay Wilder.

The former car salesman is set to face the Bronze Bomber on December 19 at the new Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas.

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