Super League boss Ken Davy believes smaller TV deal can bring new opportunities

KEN Davy believes opportunity can come out of a much smaller Super League TV deal.

The contract with Sky Sports for 2022 and 2023 is thought to be valued in the region of £26 million a year, down from £40 million.

But Super League chairman Davy, who confirmed SunSport’s revelation that video referees are set to be at all games from next year, feels the competition can benefit from the new terms.

Two play-off matches will be broadcast on free-to-air TV and all games will be screened, either 66 on Sky, 10 on a free channel and the rest online.

Davy, who insisted talk of a future cut from 12 teams to 10 is off the mark, said: “The enhanced production Sky will be doing and making available to us to essentially sell on has tremendous potential.

“There are 10 games that will be free-to-air, which are likely to be after the Challenge Cup final, and free-to-air generates more viewers.

“Add on to that the ability to go direct to the fans, which is really exciting. We have the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

“The possibility of every game being on a screen somewhere is exactly the position. We’ll have the opportunity to beam every Super League match.

“Interest in the game is high but we’ve all had to take a haircut, all sports have seen broadcasting valuations go south.

“However, given the status of the discussions at one stage, we were all pleased with the outcome.”

Davy admitted the Rugby Football League, from which Super League ‘split’ in 2018, will receive a slice of the new TV contract, which involves enhanced production, meaning video refs at games and the opportunity to pitch a deal for all Catalans games, not just home ones, to French TV companies.

And cutting off the Championship and League One will defeat the object.

He added: “Super League is the top of the pyramid – a pyramid doesn’t amount to all that much if you take away everything underneath it.

“Super League’s the jewel in the crown of the game but not at the expense of the game.”


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