Ronda Rousey is four months pregnant and celebrates in vid with ex-UFC fighter husband Travis Browne

RONDA Rousey announced she is four months pregnant in a video with ex-UFC fighter husband Travis Browne.

The fighting legends confirmed the news in a YouTube video titled "Ronda and Travis Have An Announcement!" on Wednesday morning.

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"Umm, how do I put this? Pow, 4 months pregnant!," the video started.

Rousey went on to explain that she has been pregnant since January, adding that she "can't hide" her baby bump anymore "so it's time to show it off."

The couple shared montage footage of one of their ultrasound scans, where you can hear the baby's heartbeat.

They went on to thank everyone for their "well wishes and positively" adding that they are "really excited."

Rousey dubbed their unborn child "the baddest baby on the planet, coming to you soon."

The pair have discussed wanting children for a while, with Ronda taking a hiatus from the WWE back in 2019 to focus on starting a family.

In a recent interview with Table Talk, Rousey addressed her future return to the WWE.

"I actually waited until this moment to tell everybody. I don't know [when I'll return]. When I feel like it. I'll come back when I feel like it. Eventually, when I feel like it," she said.

Her and Browne started dating back in 2015 and got married two years later in 2017.

The couple's due date is September 22 and they have not yet revealed the gender.

Rousey eluded that there was "much more to the story" of her pregnancy, but did not reveal anymore details.

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