PlayStation exclusives for Call of Duty: Loadouts, zombies & more in Black Ops Cold War

Sony secured a multi-faceted exclusive rights package with Activision for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War content. It’s enough of a draw that Xbox users are riled up about it.

PlayStation has always been big on partnerships, including several for the COD franchise, but this one will provide tangible online multiplayer benefits to PS4 and PS5 users not seen before.

There are class loadout perks, XP bonuses and a Zombies Onslaught mode included only for PlayStation members.

Here’s a full look at the advantages PlayStation locked down this year for Call of Duty:

List of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War exclusives for PlayStation

In the past, Call of Duty exclusives have primarily been centered around offline game modes. This one, though, has an emphasis on multiplayer advantages.

These are the key things PS4 and PS5 users will get before Xbox players:

How many extra class loadouts do PS5 players get?

PlayStation users get two additional class loadouts to use in online multiplayer, a godsend for anyone who loves tinkering with different setups across varying game modes.

All exclusive promotions, class loadouts included, also apply to the PS4.

What is Zombies Onslaught Mode?

Zombies Onslaught Mode is an exclusive game featuring regular and “elite” undead adversaries to mow down for points. There’s also a map movement element that differs from traditional zombies play.

As described by PlayStation:

In Zombies Onslaught, you and one other Operator will deploy to one of several locations derived from various Multiplayer maps with your custom loadouts. These are the very same loadouts you’ll carry into traditional Zombies and Multiplayer, complete with your preferred primary weapon, whether it be an LMG, heavy-hitting sniper rifle, or other fully kitted-out tool for zombie destruction.

Once you drop in, the onslaught begins; the Dark Aether Orb will confine your duo to a specific space on the map, where the undead will begin spawning in. Killing these zombies will power the Orb. Kill enough Zombies and the Orb will move. While you’re inside the Orb, you won’t take Dark Aether damage from outside the specific map zone the Orb protects, helping keep players alive as they fight increasingly difficult undead enemies, with each “surge” bringing more resilient, faster and deadlier zombies.

Will Xbox ever have those same COD perks?

Yes! But not for a very long time. According to a blog post from PlayStation’s official website, the perks will be enabled on other platforms Nov. 1, 2021.

What other exclusives does the PS5 have?

PlayStation 5 is being marketed as a destination for top-end exclusive titles in an effort to keep the Xbox Series X and Series S from eating into its sales numbers.

Below are some of the most notable exclusives Sony has acquired for the near-future:

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