Paige Spiranac has ‘mixed’ Bryson DeChambeau feelings after Masters fail

Bryson DeChambeau’s Masters’ hangover was a topic of conversation on Paige Spiranac’s “Playing a Round” podcast Monday.

Speaking with Bachelor Nation fan-favorite Wells Adams, Spiranac addressed the polarizing golfer, who endured a bumpy finish at Augusta National over the weekend, which also included a COVID-19 scare.

“I have mixed feelings on Bryson cause he’s such a great person to make fun of, and I feel bad for him because he is doing things that are so different, and it gives us something to talk about,” Spiranac said of 27-year-old DeChambeau.

“I mean you have so many guys on tour who are literally just walking robots, who have no emotion, they say all the right things, and it’s fun to have someone like Bryson be different and say things that are different, and I do almost feel bad for him cause I think a lot of us jump on that because it’s good content for us,” she continued.

DeChambeau, this year’s US Open champ, caused a stir over the summer with his bulked-up transformation. In July, he debated with a PGA official while competing at the Memorial Tournament in Ohio, where he asked for a second opinion about a ruling. Spiranac also called out DeChambeau’s behavior at the time.

“I thought he was doing things that were different, innovative and he is who he is, and I respect that. But in the last three weeks or so, it’s been really hard to be a Bryson fan,” she said in July.  “He’s kind of crossed that line from being different to just being a d–k.”

Over the weekend, DeChambeau barely made the cut on Saturday at the Masters and struggled early on. DeChambeau fueled buzz early on about his driver change , which didn’t go unnoticed by Spiranac.

“Lesson learned from Bryson this week guys. It’s not how long your shaft is but how you use it,” she tweeted Friday.

Spiranac acknowledged Monday that while she’s jabbed at DeChambeau, his actions may not draw sympathy from the public sphere.

“I made so many jokes at Bryson’s expense this week, and it’s just fun, and it’s different but again, it’s the way he goes about things I think that people have … they don’t care if Bryson is upset,” she said.

Prior to the tournament, DeChambeau said he looked at the course as a”par 67,” even outlining his approach. He finished the tournament 2-under par.

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