Olympics full schedule: Tokyo 2020 day-by-day events, dates, times and venues

The Tokyo Olympics got under way on Friday 23 July with the opening ceremony at the purpose-built New National Stadium.

No fans were allowed inside the stadium for the ceremony other than the International Olympic Committee’s VIP guests, and the same will apply for all venues during the two weeks of the Games other than those outside Tokyo, where some spectators will be accepted.

The 2020 Olympics were meant to begin 364 days earlier but were postponed due to the global pandemic. Despite widespread opposition in Japan and Tokyo’s current state of emergency due to rising cases, the IOC has forged ahead.

Some events began before the opening ceremony, such as the football and softball tournaments, meaning the action really started on Wednesday 21 July. The Games concludes with the closing ceremony on Sunday 8 August.



Full swimming schedule

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Women’s gymnastics schedule – when is Simone Biles performing?

Men’s gymnastics schedule – when is Max Whitlock performing?

Skateboarding – when is Sky Brown performing?

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Selected dates

All times BST (local time +8 hrs)

Opening ceremony: Friday 23 July, 12pm

Dina Asher-Smith, 100m final: Saturday 31 July, 1.30pm

Simone Biles, floor final: Monday 2 August, 9am

Laura Kenny, team pursuit final: Tuesday 3 August, 8-9am

Sky Brown, skateboard park final: Wednesday 4 August, 1-5am

Closing ceremony: Sunday 8 July, 12pm

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The Tokyo Olympics venues are split into three main zones – the Heritage Zone in the centre of the city will be the main focus and contains the New National Stadium, which will play host to the ceremonies and the athletics events. Tokyo Bay area contains a raft of venues including the swimming and gymnastics centres. And then there’s the ‘other’ zone, loosely defined as Outer Tokyo but also including the northern city of Sapporo, which will host the marathons.


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