Mike Tyson says his kids think he's a 'd***' and tease him about not being as big as Magic Johnson or Beyonce

MIKE TYSON revealed his kids think he is a 'd***' and they tease him about not being as big as Magic Johnson or Beyonce.

Tyson has six children, Mikey Lorna, Rayna, Amir, Miguel, Milan and Morocco.

He also fathered Exodus, who sadly passed away aged four, and D'Amato, but blood tests later revealed he as not the biological dad.

The heavyweight legend is close to all his kids, but it does not stop them from winding their old man up.

Tyson told boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez, how they joke about him not being as popular as singer Beyonce or ex-NBA star Johnson.

He said: "My kids think I'm such a d***!

"So, my kids will go like this, out of the blue, 'Magic Johnson is bigger than you dad, he's more popular than you'.

"I go, 'What the f***? Get out of here'. My daughter says, 'Beyonce's bigger than you too'.

"I'm like, 'Where's this coming from?' And this is my daughter, 'And I know you don't think you're fyler than Michael Jackson or Prince'.

"Where is this coming from! You know, they're always trying to bust my chops!

"They say I get all this attention and don't know why, they should be on Magic Johnson, Magic Johnson is bigger than you. My kids will say that!"


Tyson, 54, also revealed his brother Rodney, who he is no longer close with, is a successful brain surgeon.

He opened up on how Rodney, who is five years older, saved the lives of his friends who had been shot.

Tyson said: "I have a brother that's a brain surgeon. I can f***ing barely read and right and this guy's a brain surgeon and s***. 

"A couple of my friends were shot, he went there and sewn them up. He says, 'Mike, that's your brother?' 

"Yeah, my brother saved a couple of my friends' lives. They've been shot or something and he's sewn them up. 

"He says, 'That's your brother?' Yes it is my brother." 

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