Michael Bisping picks five boxing and UFC fights he wants to see including Tyson Fury, Conor McGregor and Jake Paul

MICHAEL BISPING has enjoyed the most famous MMA career in British history – but now watches on as a fan at heart.

The British legend, who retired in 2018, is now developing a fledging commentary and punditry career post-fighting.

He is working for the UFC as an analyst and dipping his toes into the boxing world for BT Sports.

So it puts him in a good position to lay out five fights across the two sports that fans must see.

Bisping, talking to SunSport ahead of a tour later this month, picks the best of the bunch.

Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua

MB: It just shows the problems with boxing, it’s so unpredictable. 

Oleksandr Usyk was unbelievable, he was absolutely fantastic and he outboxed Anthony Joshua, who had a terrible game plan and approach. 

Hopefully he comes back and beats Usyk in the rematch and then we get Tyson Fury versus Joshua, that’s one that everyone wants to see.

(Although, after that I think Tyson Fury would handle that pretty easily, but, you never know).


Jorge Masvidal vs Leon Edwards 

I think we are going to get this. 

And we remember back in 2019, Masvidal hit him with the ‘Three Piece and a Soda’.

Come on, that one is way overdue. 

Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou 

That’s a classic, Jones against anyone in the heavyweight division. 

Of course, he got in trouble again recently, and I hope that he figures it out and exercises his demons, because he’s obviously got some stuff going on there. 

He needs to stay away from alcohol, he needs to figure that out sadly and get back to the octagon. 

Francis Ngannou vs Stipe Miocic 3

Jones versus Stipe would also be amazing. 

But, I’d also like to see Stipe versus Ngannou, the rubber match.

Conor McGregor vs Tony Ferguson

For Conor McGregor coming back and fighting Dustin Poirier for the third time in a row, when he got knocked out and his leg snapped like a little twig, I don’t think that’s good. 

I think he needs a build up fight, a comeback fight. You don’t know if he’s going to be the same. 

Here’s one I’d say, for McGregor’s comeback fight, I’d say the perfect person is Tony Ferguson. 

Tony Ferguson’s had a little bit of a fall from grace recently and it looks like things might be going down for him. 

He’s very hit-able and he’s got a name value, I think Ferguson versus McGregor makes a lot sense. 

Jake Paul vs Anyone who can box

I’d like to see Jake Paul go up against someone in the UFC.

I’d also like him to fight a boxer, if I’m completely honest, but there’s plenty of people in the UFC roster that could whoop Jake Paul with great ease. 

I would beat the s*** out of Jake Paul with one eye and I haven’t stepped foot in a ring for a very, very long time. 

There’s plenty of others, Masvidal would take care of him pretty easily. Nate Diaz would take care of him, Poirier too. 

That’s without getting into the heavier weight classes, they’re all lighter weights. But fair play to Jake Paul, what he’s doing is great.

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