Jurgen Klopp 'to be evicted by landlord Brendan Rodgers' after Liverpool's Champions League victory

JURGEN KLOPP is facing eviction just days after bringing the Champions League trophy home.

The Liverpool manager rents a mansion from Brendan Rodgers – but the Leicester City boss is reportedly looking to sell the Formby pad.

Klopp, 51, moved into the seven-bedroom Merseyside pad, previously owned by Reds legend Steven Gerrard, after taking over from Rodgers in 2015.

The arrangement worked perfectly well while Rodgers was winning trophies with Celtic, but the Foxes manager has now decided to splash out on a £5million mansion in the Midlands.

That means he may now sell the Merseyside property.

A source told the Daily Mirror: "Brendan was keen to put down roots, so decided to buy rather than rent.

"It’s unlikely he’d want to keep hold of two mansions."

When Rodgers was announced as the Leicester boss, Klopp didn't foresee any problems.

He said in February: "As long as he is not going to Everton then I'm fine, because if it's Everton then he wants his house back!

"Leicester is not close enough that he will move to Formby."


But Klopp should probably consider buying the mansion himself if he wants to stay somewhere he likes, with rental properties fast running out.

Liverpool star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain revealed last month that there is a housing crisis for footballers in Cheshire's 'Golden Triangle'.

The midfielder lived in a hotel for two months while trying to find a suitable property, with estate agents struggling to keep up with demand.

Ox said he would see Everton star Gylfi Sigurdsson at the hotel breakfast bar "in the same situation" and in "a race" to find the perfect pad.

He told the Daily Telegraph: "Both scrambling for a house, probably viewing the same house and then it’s like a race.

"I might see a house and be stalling for a day and next thing I get a call and, oh no, Aaron Lennon has paid up front.

"I go and view a house and I’m told, 'Just to let you know, Riyad Mahrez is viewing it today.'

"I’m thinking, 'Oh God, I’ve got my work cut out there – Mahrez has signed for Man City.'"

Peter Higham, an estate agent in Cheshire, added: "The rental market in Cheshire is competitive because the owners of these large luxury properties very rarely want to rent them out, usually opting to sell them.

"Footballers also tend to want a very specific type of property – they want the modern technology, they want the pool, the security and the large garden.

"You would not see the modern footballer buying a 1930s red brick – they want it new and bespoke."

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