Jake Paul takes aim at UFC’s Dana White: ‘You are the real douche’

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Jake Paul’s feud with UFC president Dana White just hit another level.

On Sunday, Paul shared a note on Twitter aimed directly at White, in which he called out the UFC boss over money disputes and more.

Paul, 24, also hashed up the alleged bet White made with Snoop Dogg, where White supposedly took Ben Askren over Paul in their Triller Fight Club match — which ended in Paul delivering a first-round knockout win over Askren, a former MMA champion.

“Dana you claimed you would bet $1M on me losing. Set up Askren to train with Freddie Roach … gave him full access to UFCPI… and he still got his ass handed to him,” Paul wrote. “Seems like you are the real douche…not Ariel.”

Paul appeared to be referencing ESPN MMA reporter Ariel Helwani, whom White called a “douche” in February after Helwani criticized Gina Carano for comparing the plight of Republicans to what Jews experienced in Nazi Germany.

“In my third fight I made more in total pay than any fighter in UFC history,” Paul continued. “Maybe it’s time to pay your fighters their fair share? No wonder they all want to get into boxing.”

Paul went on to suggest White arrange a fight between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou — something White recently expressed may not happen due to Jones’ alleged demand for $30 million guaranteed. Jones has since refuted White’s claim, though he does want to be fairly compensated.

“Dana, you say you make the fights fans want to see… so hurry up and make Jones vs. Ngannou. Pay them their fair share… $10M purse for each guy, plus PPV,” Paul wrote.

“Why are UFC fighters so underpaid vs. Boxers? Why did I make more money in my 3rd fight than all but two (Khabib [Nurmagomedov] & Conor [McGregor]) UFC fighters have in history? I know why …”

Paul claimed on Instagram that his fight with Askren generated 1.5 million pay-per-view buys and $75 million in total.


As for White’s alleged bet with Snoop, White denied last week ever agreeing, publicly or privately, to a bet after the rapper claimed White owes him $2 million following Paul’s win over Askren.

The betting saga originated from an appearance on Mike Tyson’s podcast in March, in which White told Tyson he’d bet “a million dollars” that Paul would lose to Askren. Snoop, who is a co-owner of Triller, later upped the ante by tacking on an extra $1 million to the proposed bet.

White has not publicly responded to Paul’s latest callout.

Meanwhile, Askren has not addressed Paul’s claim that his opponent received special treatment ahead of the fight.

Paul’s statement comes two days after he attended UFC 261 in Jacksonville, Florida, where he had a heated exchange with retired UFC star Daniel Cormier.

His Twitter note also appears to be a response to White — who, following UFC 261, claimed Paul and Triller Fight Club lied about the number of PPV buys for the Paul-Askren matchup.

“The numbers are there? Nah. I don’t know if the numbers are there,” White said, via CBS Sports. “Do you know what would happen to this guy [in the UFC]? He ain’t fighting in the UFC. He’s getting hand-picked opponents, and God knows what else is going on with that whole f—ing thing.”

While White said he believes “there is a market” for Paul’s style of fighting, “that’s not what I do.

“People want to see that, and it’s great, and this kid’s going to make a couple bucks before this ride is over. It’s just not what I do. What I do is what happened tonight. What happened tonight is, we sold this place out and it was packed, and the numbers that you’re hearing [Triller] did — they’re full of s–t. They’re full of s–t. OK? They didn’t pull those kind of numbers at all — not even f—ing close. What happened here tonight is what I do: The best vs. the best.”

Paul, who’s known for his outspoken personality in and out of the ring, is 3-0 in his professional boxing career. His first two wins came against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and former NBA player Nate Robinson — who has since been pushing for a pricey rematch with Paul.

Paul’s next opponent, however, may be someone closer in age to the YouTube star.

On Monday, rising boxing star Tommy Fury called Paul a “p—y,” amid the pair’s ongoing social media war.

Fury, the 21-year-old half brother of Tyson Fury, told TMZ that he’s ready to fight Paul “anytime, anyplace, anywhere,” whenever Paul “grows a pair” and actually accepts the challenge.

Fury, who even proposed fighting Jake and his brother Logan Paul at the same time, is currently 5-0 with four knockouts.

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