Inside Harry Maguire's luxury £21,000-a-week villa where Man Utd captain was staying before Mykonos brawl arrest

THIS is the luxury £21,000 a week villa Harry Maguire is believed to have stayed in before his arrest in Mykonos.

The Man Utd captain, 27, is understood to have forked out for his family and friends to party at the eight-bed apartment.

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The pad sleeps up to 16 and has an idyllic swimming pool overlooking the Aegean Sea.

It boasts a private bay and some of the best views of Mykonos.

Maguire was seen drinking on the balcony in happier times before a street brawl turned his trip into a nightmare.

A source said: “It's been a nightmare for Harry from start to finish.

"He splashed out thousands on a secluded luxury villa to ensure he had some privacy and he’s ended up at the centre of a really embarrassing court case."


The swanky villa spread over two separate properties costs a whopping £3,045 a night to rent.

It boasts two swimming pools, including a large infinity pool, and a private garden.

Shaded outdoor seating areas offer breathtaking views of the islandsof Paros and Naxos.

Four luxury ensuite bedrooms feature on the lower level of each villa.

Alcander, a maintenance man, told The Sun: “Harry Maguire and his group left three days ago late at night.

“The property is currently empty.


“We get a lot of famous footballers and other famous people staying here.”

A cleaner working in the villa complex said: “Harry was staying here but I haven’t seen anyone there for two days.

“I cleaned the villa and it is completely empty, there are no personal items left so they have all gone.”

A couple were seen swimming in the pool but are not believed to be staying there.

It comes as Maguire today faces a three-year legal battle against his Mykonos bribery and violence convictions.

The £85million United captain vowed last night to appeal the verdict immediately but will have to wait at least a week to launch it.

Maguire avoided jail and being hit with a fine as he was convicted of all charges in a Greek court.

His high-flying human rights lawyer Alexis Anagnostakis must wait for the judgement to be formally written up before he can even get started with the appeal.

The process usually takes a week and is the first in a series of hurdles that will see Maguire embroiled in Greece’s “arcane and complex” legal system for years.

Meanwhile, Greek prosecutors have blasted Maguire and claim he told a 'pack of lies' over his part in the boozy Mykonos brawl.

A legal source told The Sun it will likely be three years before it even gets to court meaning Maguire could be 30 before he gets the chance to clear his name.

They said: “The appeal process moves at a snail's pace.

“He will have to wait at least a week for the judgement to be formalised and that’s just the first hurdle within an arcane and complex legal system.

“It will be between two and three years until it gets to court thanks to the exceptionally antiquated process.

“Harry may want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible but this will be a long and bitter struggle.”

Maguire's fiancee Fern Hawkins,has slammed "lying" Greek cops for trying to ruin the Man Utd star's "reputation".

Hawkins, who was in Mykonos with the centre-back at the time of the brawl, launched into a passionate defence of her boyfriend before he was found guilty of a string of charges yesterday.

Maguire spent two nights in a cell with Joe and Chris before appearing before a court on Saturday in Syros.

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