Hot Bods: Ady Latif and Joelle Chew

Ady Latif, 31

Bank officer

Height: 1.75m Weight: 70kg

Exercise regimen: I play soccer twice a week and go for cardio and strength classes two or three times per week.

Diet: I generally stick to clean and simple food. My lunch is usually a salad stop and dinner can be just tuna with vegetables. Of course, I still indulge in junk food occasionally.

Joelle Chew, 30

Personal trainer

Height: 1.68m Weight: 57kg

Exercise regimen: It includes barre, yoga and a 45-minute HIIT-based (high-intensity interval training) group workout. Cardio and strength classes are on alternate days. It’s great to sweat it out and also build muscle strength. Doing all three activities regularly is the best.

Diet: It ranges from home-cooked meals, like grilled chicken and salad, if I’m training for a race, to junk food like fried chicken and ice cream on my cheat days.

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