Football club caught celebrating with a stripper in their locker room

Spanish football club in hot water after celebrating league promotion with a STRIPPER in their locker room

  • A Spanish football club are in trouble for celebrating post-match with a stripper 
  • Club Esportiu Llanca were filmed watching the strip routine in the change room
  • The stripper was hired after they were promoted to the Catalan Second Division

A Spanish football team has been slammed after a video emerged of their players celebrating promotion with a leather-clad stripper performing in her underwear in the changing rooms.

Spanish side Club Esportiu Llanca have issued an apology after their players were filmed celebrating their promotion to the Catalan Second Division with a stripper in the changing rooms.

In the video, the players can be seen celebrating when a stripper in a leather getup and mask performs for them.

A Spanish football club are in trouble for celebrating post-match in their locker room with a stripper

She climbs onto a chair and dances in a bra for the players as they cheer and chant.

She then strips down to her underwear, before she takes off her mask to reveal her flowing blonde locks.

The stripper forward rolls, before dancing on the floor and pouring champagne over herself in front of the cheering players.

The video was posted online and the club have now apologised in a statement, writing: ‘CE Llanca would like to apologise if anybody felt offended by the incidents which took place in the changing rooms once the first-team match ended.’

Club Esportiu Llanca were celebrating being promoted to the Catalan Second Division when the video was taken

The statement added that the stripper had been hired as ‘a gift from one person’ adding the club ‘in no way’ were involved in hiring her.

The club added: ‘It was never the intention to offend anyone, just to celebrate the promotion to the Catalan Second Division.’

Local media report the stripper was hired by the club’s secretary Franscesc Romero, who said nobody on the club’s board knew about the surprise he had prepared.

The stripper was hired by club secretary Franscesc Romero, who said ‘everything was normal’

Romero said: ‘It was a party atmosphere, nothing got out of hand. There was cava, smiles and joy, but she did her show calmly and at the end, she got dressed and left. Everything was normal.’

He added that no minors had been in the changing room at the time of the performance.

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