Cole Beasley, Rachel Bush push Bills to center of NFL’s vaccine debate

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Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley and Rachel Bush, wife of safety Jordan Poyer, share similar thoughts about vaccines.

Beasley, in a Twitter rant on Thursday, expressed confusion and frustration concerning masks and vaccines against COVID-19. Bush, who’s made it clear on Twitter that she’s against vaccines, supported Beasley when he received social media backlash.

In response to a tweet containing a quote from Dr. Fauci saying those who are vaccinated do not need to wear masks inside, Beasley wrote, “I do that without being vaccinated. Is this illegal now?”

In a followup tweet, he shared, “Until we all share the same opinion or belief we are considered ignorant. I don’t understand. You feel how you feel and I respect that. It doesn’t always make me wrong or a bad person cause I don’t agree with you.”

Bush, who re-tweeted Beasley’s comments, explained to a fan on Twitter that she, along with Beasley are “making our personal opinions/choices public” because they’ve had enough of vaccine debates being a “one way” street.

“Bills Twitter needs to take a chill pill. Sit back and support your players,” wrote Bush, who seemingly spends her entire day arguing on Twitter about vaccines. “These are great guys, who do so much for your community. Can’t hate the whole team for having their own opinions and views. And I’m telling y’all AGAIN that majority of the team feels the same on this.”

Beasley and Bush’s comments came a day before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement saying fully vaccinated players no longer have to wear a mask inside team facilities.

Beasley, meanwhile, continued his tweet spree by asking, “If you get vaccinated you are good? So if I don’t I shouldn’t pass it on to you regardless, right?”

He followed up with, “That’s a serious question. I don’t really know how these things work I’m not a doctor.”

In response to a Twitter critic who said Beasley is hurting his “brand” by making his opinions public, he wrote, “My ‘brand’ is the least of my worries. Im not here to kiss anyone’s a–. Im here to be me.”

Bills wide receiver Gabriel Davis backed Beasley’s comments on Twitter, writing, “You right pops I’m with u!!!!” Wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie wrote, “Kids are being born with masks on their faces so therefore bease you have to wear it sorry.” Additionally, Bills offensive lineman Jon Feliciano re-tweeted one of Beasley’s tweets.

Beasley’s comments come on the heels of Bills general manager Brandon Beane’s comments about vaccines. Beane, during a radio interview earlier this month, said it would “be an advantage” to cut an unvaccinated player in order to have lessoned COVID-19 restrictions.

The NFL later paid Beane a call, according to ESPN, to inform him that a team may not release a player solely due to vaccination status. Currently, there is no official NFL rule or mandate on vaccinations.

In mid-April, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz announced that fans attending Bills games for the 2021 season are required to be vaccinated. He also noted he has spoken with Bills officials about the county’s new policy.  

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