Prehistoric crocodiles ‘were vegan’ 200 million years ago

Fossils revealed that up to eight members of the crocodile and alligator family had teeth for munching on plant matter, according to researchers at the University of Utah, US.

Scientist Keegan Melstrom, who was part of the study, looked at 146 teeth from 16 crocodyliforms — better known as ”crocodilians”.

The research, published in Current Biology, found many extinct crocs had teeth for grinding-up vegetation.

He told the Independent: “The most interesting thing we discovered was how frequently it seems extinct crocodyliforms ate plants.

“This suggests that a herbivorous crocodyliform was successful in a variety of environments.”

Even modern crocodiles have been filmed eating fruit from trees, despite being better known as devastating predators.

In Zimbabwe a man became the tragic victim of a giant crocodile when it bit off his penis and killed him.

And horrified villages saw the dead body of a missing snorkeller being dragged through a river in Indonesia.

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'Russian-made missile' crashes into Northern Cyprus

Turkish Cypriot official says Syrian anti-aircraft missile that missed its target struck Northern Cyprus.

    A suspected Russian-made missile has crashed north of the Cypriot capital, Nicosia, Turkish Cypriot officials said.

    The explosion occurred at around 1am on Monday (22:00 GMT on Sunday), in the Tashkent region, also known as Vouno, about 19km north of Nicosia.

    According to Turkish Cypriot broadcaster BRT, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar said no one was hurt in the explosion and that firefighting crews had contained a blaze that the burning debris had ignited.

    Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minisiter Kudret Ozersay said it was believed that the missile may have been fired as part of a Syrian anti-aircraft system.

    “The first assessment is that a Russian-made missile, which was part of the air defence system that took place last night in the face of an air attack against Syria, completed its range and fell into our country after it missed,” Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Ozersay said in a Facebook post on Monday.

    Cyprus is located around 193km west of Syria, where Israeli warplanes struck Syrian military positions on Monday morning, killing at least four civilians and wounding 21 others, according to state media.

    Mustafa Akinci, the Turkish Cypriot leader, earlier linked the incident to military operations in the Middle East but further investigations were under way by the military to establish what it was.

    A light in the sky

    “It is evident it is not something stemming from our soil … It is one of the bad sides of the war in the region falling into our country,” he said.

    Police cordoned off the field where the object landed and nearby villages where debris has been found.

    Tatar said Turkish military authorities may assist in the investigation.

    A Greek Cypriot military analyst, Andreas Pentaras, said the debris suggested it was a Russian-made S-200 missile.

    “An assessment from the pictures made public shows the base of its wings. It has Russian writing on it, so it suggests it is Russian made. Syria uses Russian-made missiles, so a not-so-safe assessment would be it was … an S-200 [missile],” Pentaras, a retired army general, told Sigma TV in Cyprus.

    Jamming technology could have diverted the missile, he said.

    Residents told Cypriot media they saw a light in the sky then three loud explosions were heard for miles around.

    Tashkent is a small village in the foothills of a mountain range rimming northern Cyprus. Authorities evacuated some homes.

    Cyprus was split in 1974 when Turkey invaded following a coup by supporters of union with Greece. The country’s internationally recognised government is seated in the Greek Cypriot south.

    Only Turkey recognizes a Turkish Cypriot declaration of independence and keeps more than 35,000 troops in the north.

    Cypriot Defence Minister Savvas Angelides said government authorities are investigating the blast but refrained from speculating on its cause.

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    Jamie Hughes to make his World Matchplay debut after winning Czech Open

    Jamie Hughes produced a stellar performance to win the Czech Open, claim the biggest winners cheque of his career and with it a debut at this month’s World Matchplay.

    The inaugural tournament in Prague always promised to be dramatic with the final three places in Blackpool also up for grabs as well as the title and on a weekend when the big names faltered it was Hughes who achieved a memorable double.

    A two-time BDO World Championship semi finalist, Hughes earned his PDC card at Q-school in January after a year on the Challenge Tour and has gone from strength to strength culminating in his first senior title with the PDC.

    Having won a place via qualifiers last weekend, Yozza headed for the Czech Republic also knowing he was in the hunt for a Matchplay debut but would need the title to continue an impressive debut year.

    World Matchplay on Sky Sports

    Nine days of coverage from the legendary Winter Gardens gets underway on Saturday, July 19 through to the final on Sunday, July 28

    He beat Devon Petersen to get the ball rolling in the first round before a destruction of two-time PDC world champion Adrian Lewis on Saturday to reach Finals Day where Ron Meulenkamp, the in-form Ian White and Simon Whitlock were all sent packing to set up his date with Bunting.

    “It’s an amazing feeling to win my first title, I’ve worked so hard for this moment,” said the 33-year-old.

    “I’ve been playing well for a while now, better than I played this weekend strangely enough, and now I’ve finally got the results to show for it.

    “To make the World Matchplay so soon is fantastic for me and now I can’t wait to show the world what I’m about on one of the biggest stages in world darts.”

    Jamie Hughes spoke with @DanDartsDawson after lifting his first senior PDC title at the Czech Darts Open…

    After a edgy start from both men, Bunting, also in his maiden European Tour final, moved 3-1 in front but a clinical 83 checkout saw Hughes take the lead for the first time at 4-3. He backed it up in the following leg with a brilliant 120 finish to move with three legs of the title.

    From there, it was Hughes’ turn to punish Bunting’s missed darts at double as he rattled off the final three legs to become the fifth different winner on the 2019 European Tour and seal the £25,000 top prize.

    2019 PDC European Tour

    A winner of two ProTour events in 2014 and 2016, Bunting came close to his first PDC stage title having claimed impressive victories over Peter Wright and Daryl Gurney on his way to the final.

    “I am proud of my achievements this weekend, even winning just one game I would’ve taken positives from,” said Bunting.

    “It shows progress that I’ve reached my first European Tour final, hopefully it will be the first of many, and I can take my good form into the upcoming TV events.”


    Here is your 32-player field for the 2019 @Betfred World Matchplay!

    7⃣players are in line to make their Winter Gardens debuts next month.


    As for the Matchplay spots. Kyle Anderson, Vincent van der Voort and James Wilson held the places before this weekend and only one kept his place.

    Keegan Brown’s first-round victory over Ondrej Plsek did for Anderson, who had failed to qualify for Prague and The Needle’s run to the semi-final coupled with Hughes subsequent title meant Wilson missed out by £250.

    Brown and Hughes took significant strides up the Pro Tour qualification race and it meant Dutchman Van der Voort, who was assured of his place after Sunday’s early results, took the final spot.

    Searing temperatures in Prague made for a tough weekend’s work and at one stage Mervyn King had to be treated by medical staff having complained of feeling faint.

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    Does Kate Middleton Have a Meghan Markle Spotlight Problem?

    Who garners the most attention? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle or Prince William and Kate Middleton? If you answered the former, you’d be right! When it comes to the British Royal Family, Markle and her hubby have entirely overtaken the spotlight.

    Between the haters spewing vitriol and her supporters rallying around her, Markle’s name has been making its rounds for well over a year now. While Middleton may have enjoyed the break at first, is she finally getting tired of living in the shadow of her fellow Duchess.

    Meghan Markle is taking a break from the spotlight

    When’s the last time you heard something about the Duchess of Sussex? After having baby Archie on May 6, the mini family took a moment away from the public to welcome their new bundle of joy. After getting better acquainted, they introduced him to the world. Now that the dust has settled, the once controversial Duchess is still on hiatus from being the center of attention.

    It’s unclear whether the haters are taking a break or if Kensington Palace is working overtime to keep stress levels low for the new mom. No matter the reason, motherhood has resulted in the former Hollywood celebrity finally catching a breather. After all, Markle has been the focus of the press since her relationship with Prince Harry went public. Things only got worse after they were married.

    Now that she’s officially a mom, her name isn’t the one plastered all over headlines. Instead, it’s her sister-in-arms Kate Middleton who’s stealing the show. 

    Is Kate Middleton using this time to make a comeback?

    View this post on Instagram

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share some new photographs of their family as they visited the RHS Back to Nature Garden at the #ChelseaFlowerShow on Sunday afternoon. The photographs were taken by @mattporteous. The #RHSChelsea Back to Nature Garden, designed by The Duchess and award-winning landscape architects Andrée Davies and Adam White of Davies White Landscape Architects, is a woodland setting for families and communities to come together and connect with nature. Her Royal Highness is a strong advocate for the proven benefits the outdoors has on physical and mental health, and the positive impact that nature and the environment can have on childhood development in particular. Over the past months, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have helped The Duchess gather moss, leaves and twigs to help decorate @The_RHS Back to Nature Garden. Hazel sticks collected by the family were also used to make the garden’s den. The Duchess told Monty Don in an interview for the BBC: “I really feel that nature and being interactive outdoors has huge benefits on our physical and mental wellbeing, particularly for young children. I really hope that this woodland that we have created really inspires families, kids and communities to get outside, enjoy nature and the outdoors, and spend quality time together.”

    A post shared by Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal) on

    The very first sign that Middleton and Markle may be battling for attention came on May 19th, the one-year anniversary of the Sussex duo. To commemorate the date the Duke and Duchess “leaked” a series of photos that had never been seen by the public. The post accumulated millions of views in a weeks time, an impressive feat.

    Not one to shy away from a battle (seemingly), the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to release their own photos…just a few hours later. These adorable pics showed off the beautiful family enjoying quality time together at the Chelsea Flower Show. Considering Prince Louis was present (and he’s rarely ever present) royalists went wild.

    At the time of writing this post, the Sussex post has racked up over eight million views while the Cambridge Instagram opted for a different approach. Their posts altogether racked up close to three million.

    Sure, the updates happening on the same day could have just been a coincidence, but the history of the two couples make royalists wonder if this is the start of an ongoing war for attention. 

    How has Middleton attempted to outshine Markle?

    If Middleton is genuinely trying to outshine her sister-in-arms, there are a few different routes she might be taking. 

    “What you have is a couple not wanting to be overshadowed and a couple not wanting to be sidelined.” – Camilla Tominey (This Morning)

    There are three categories that people believe Middleton could be looking at when it comes to trumping Markle: activism, fashion, and personal tidbits. When it comes to activism, Markle has been using her voice to fight hard for the things she believes in since day one.

    Her passion has been impressive, so much so, it’s overshadowed the work of Middleton. Now that her “competition” has taken a back seat, Middleton is reminding the world that she’s also a humanitarian.  

    Fashion, Markle’s calling, is a department she’s overtaken Middleton in ever since joining Royal family. After all, she’s always had killer fashion sense. Perhaps that’s what inspired Middleton to be a bit more daring with her wardrobe. A move that might mean she’s looking to take the Duchess of Sussex head on.

    While it may seem like a losing battle, Middleton does have one category in her corner. She’s more open about her personal life and shares intimate pics of herself and her family with the world. Really, this “battle” is anyone’s game and with Markle taking a back seat, Middleton has an even better chance of solidifying her place in the spotlight. 

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    German soldiers mock their enemies in photos taken on front line

    Photo albums of the Nazis: German soldiers mock their fallen enemies and celebrate meeting Hitler in personal pictures they took on the front line

    • Many Wehrmacht soldiers brought cameras and took photos on the front line for their own collections  
    • In one image taken during the invasion of the USSR in 1941, Luftwaffe pilots look delighted as they greet Hitler
    • Further pictures show a young boy performing the Hitler salute and the frozen dead body of a soldier 

    These images reveal how German soldiers chronicled their experiences during World War II – greeting Hitler, mocking their enemies and photographing their dead bodies.  

    One picture shows a group of delighted Luftwaffe pilots taking pictures as the Führer comes to visit the front line, in the early stages of the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. 

    Another image shows German occupiers in France taunting their Allied enemies by wearing British and French helmets, while a further photo shows a young child – seemingly a member of the Hitler Youth – saluting the dictator. 

    In some of the more harrowing photos, German soldiers have come across the dead and sometimes frozen bodies of their Russian enemies – and proceeded to take pictures.  

    The images are published in a new book – Photographers Of The Third Reich: Images From The Wehrmacht, by Paul Garson.  

    Greeting the Führer: Delighted pilots in the German Luftwaffe are about to meet Hitler in this photo, making the Nazi salute while several of them take pictures of their own. The photo was taken in August 1941 in Ukraine, when Hitler visited the occupied Soviet territory along with Italian dictator, and fascist ally, Benito Mussolini. At this stage, the German invasion of the Soviet Union was progressing as Hitler had hoped – but Stalin’s forces would eventually turn the tide

    Mocking the enemy: In this photo, taken after the Nazi invasion of France in 1940, German soldiers are mocking their enemies by wearing helmets in the British (left) and French (right) styles as they are dragged along a French street. Why they are doing this is unclear, but some of Hitler’s forces were known to dress in enemy uniform to fool the Allies. The 1940 invasion stunned the French who had made extensive preparations to guard against a German attack, most notably the fortifications along the Maginot Line – but these proved useless in the face of the Nazi Blitzkrieg 

    Young blood: A child holds a bottle of milk in one hand – and makes a Nazi salute with the other. Seemingly a member of the Hitler Youth, he is flanked by other youngsters in similar uniforms. From 1936, membership of the Hitler Youth or League of German Girls (BDM) was compulsory for children aged between 10 and 18. By the end of the war, the Nazis’ military situation was so dire that Hitler sent child soldiers to their deaths in a last-ditch effort to save his crumbling regime 

    Mr Garson has spent decades travelling the world amassing his collection of Nazi photography memorabilia and believes the images have a fascinating tale to tell.

    ‘Of the millions of German soldiers who went to war, many brought their personal cameras to chronicle their Dienstzeit, or military service, often via meticulously prepared photo albums, as individual snapshots and as custom processed photo postcards sent to family and friends,’ he said.

    ‘No other group of combatants has documented a war in such quantities of images in an era before television, the video camera and satellite link-ups.

    ‘The photos reflect upon the photo-takers, a mirrored view of a mindset clouded by a fatal arrogance, the eye of the beholder blinded by a cruel and rapacious ideology.’  

    Staring down: An prisoner of war from a French colony in Africa is the subject of this photo. It is unknown where it was taken, but the black man appears to have been singled out for a souvenir photo. It is believed that Germany took as many as two million French prisoners of war during the war and occupation 

    Prisoners: German forces (standing) watch over a group of Russian troops (sitting down), captured at an unknown location on the Eastern Front. The tallest of the Germans is unfolding a camera. Any ‘political commissars’ among the Russian forces faced execution under an order issued by the Nazi high command in 1941, shortly before the invasion of the USSR began. Many Russian prisoners were taken to concentration camps or died during death marches 

    Killed in action: A group of German privates and corporals comes across the remains of a Russian unit, in a picture taken on the Eastern Front in the summer of 1941 – the first months of what would become perhaps the most gruesome theatre of the war. One soldier, second from right, appears to be preparing his camera to take a photo of the Russian victims

    In the cold: The left-hand picture shows a German soldier operating a camera much as he might use a gun, staring down the viewfinder with the lens pointed straight ahead. A German caption reads: ‘Aiming with the camera works exactly the same as shooting’. In a similarly frozen scene on the Eastern Front, the right-hand picture shows the grisly frozen remains of a man – who could have been either Russian or German. It is unclear whether the Nazi photographers propped up the corpse 

    Photos from the front line were also an important part of the Third Reich’s wartime propaganda efforts, Mr Garson explained. 

    ‘The State called on a wealth of designers, artists and photographers to saturate the populace with “approved” visual media both for Home Front consumption and for the international community,’ he said. 

    ‘Under the leadership of Josef Goebbels, Reichsminister of Propaganda as well as controller of the Third Reich film industry, no effort was spared to sear Nazi ideology into the minds of every civilian, and that included documenting the exploits of the various military branches.

    ‘Most of the original photographs seen in the following were taken by German amateur cameramen and camerawomen, others commercially reproduced via the vast propaganda machine that in great part foisted the impression of the invincibility of Nazi Germany.’   

    Selfie: This German corporal is taking a self-portrait, seemingly by pointing his folding strut camera into a mirror. On his uniform he has a Nazi eagle – adopting the German symbol of an eagle which had been used for centuries, and adapting it with the swastika symbol

    Making faces: This German soldier is making a daft face as he poses for a picture, seemingly through a window. Many German soldiers brought their own cameras with them when they joined up, creating a huge collection of wartime images – which they would organise in photo albums or have made into postcards 

    PIctured left: Two German soldiers share a jovial moment, comparing their heights – with one of them almost two heads taller than the other. Pictured right: This bizarre piece of Nazi artwork shows two young men lying on top of a V2 rocket – a ballistic missile used to attack the Allies, causing thousands of deaths. The caption on the rocket reads: ‘Strong lads on a getaway to meet their sweethearts’

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    Dear Mary: I have always been bad at sex – I need help

    I’m in my mid-40s, my wife is 10 years younger, we’ve been together for 15 years and we have two lovely kids.

    I have always been bad at sex, I ejaculate within a few seconds of penetration. I do OK at oral sex but my quick ejaculation leaves my wife feeling frustrated.

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    She doesn’t complain, except for one time when she suggested that I see a doctor. I laughed it off at the time but I do need some kind of help as I’m worried that my wife will look elsewhere for sex. The problem is hard to talk about because I feel useless.

    My sex drive has lowered a little bit with age but my wife’s is still high. Sometimes I don’t initiate sex because I know I’ll disappoint her.

    I would really appreciate any advice on how to last longer during intercourse.

    A I am so happy that you have finally decided to do something about your problem because it has gone on for a long time and you must both be feeling quite frustrated by now.

    And thank you for bringing up the topic because it is one of the most common problems that men experience and yet they never talk about it to one another, so the person with it is left feeling very isolated.

    It is also, luckily, a problem that responds quite well to treatment.

    There are a number of different ways to treat premature ejaculation. Firstly, there is the psychosexual route, where you visit a sex therapist weekly or fortnightly for somewhere between 10 and 12 visits.

    You can attend on your own and get a certain amount of work done, but ideally visit with your wife so she can understand what is involved and then do the exercises with you. All exercises are done at home. Having taken a detailed history of your sexual and emotional development the therapist will be able to formulate possible reasons for your PE. For instance, it often occurs as a result of early experiences being hurried, either in masturbation or when having sex, or indeed, both. The therapist will then give you a series of exercises to do to help you establish better control over your ejaculation.

    Treatment can be very successful, depending on how severe the problem is. The College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists ( is where you will find a therapist in your area. Even though it is based in the UK, Irish therapists can be found by going to Therapists Listings and searching for therapists in Ireland.

    For those people who are unable to attend a therapist there is a very good book by Barry McCarthy and Michael Metz Coping with Premature Ejaculation – How to Overcome PE, Please Your Partner & Have Great Sex. It’s been around for quite a while but it is still the best that is available.

    The third option is medical intervention which I found men were less happy to use. Some of the antidepressants, and one in particular, have the effect of slowing people down and as a result it was found that they slowed down the ejaculatory process as well. As with any medication there are possible side effects which is why there is less of an uptake on this line of treatment. And, of course, once you stop taking the medication the PE returns.

    Some of my clients found that they were able to last longer if they masturbated in the morning if they felt they would be having sex with their partners later on. Other clients found that going for a run before having sex not only raised their testosterone level and so they felt like having sex, but they found that they could last longer having tired themselves out running!

    There are also creams and sprays available which desensitise the glans of the penis and thereby slow down the response, but the downside of this method is that they tend to desensitise the female too and they speak of feeling numb.

    A colleague tells me she has been having some success also with getting clients to practise mindfulness – she maintains that the pace of life is now so hectic that it is helpful to get people to slow down and become aware that they can make choices.

    Circumcision is another option, and a urologist friend suggests that he has about a 60pc success rate. This makes sense when you consider that in an uncircumcised male the foreskin protects the glans of the penis and it is therefore much more sensitive. This suggestion often causes men to cross their legs and become more determined than ever to go down the therapy route.

    So you see, there are a lot of options open to you and I hope that you have success with whatever you decide.

    It is, however, important to bear in mind that it’s not all about the length of time you last, even though you would love to last longer. It is more important to be a considerate and caring lover, taking your time on your wife’s pleasure rather than pushing on to actual intercourse.

    Finally, if a man ejaculates during intercourse before the woman has had an orgasm, this is not necessarily PE. Some people have unrealistic expectations and feel that if only they had lasted longer then their partner would have had an orgasm.

    In fact, straightforward intercourse (without any additional stimulation of the clitoris by the woman’s own hand, her partner’s hand or tongue, or by a vibrator) produces an orgasm for only about 25pc of women.

    Good luck with it all and I’m sure your wife will be delighted that you are doing something about this.

    You can contact Mary O’Conor anonymously by visiting or email her at [email protected] or write c/o 27-32 Talbot St, Dublin 1. All correspondence will be treated in confidence. Mary O’Conor regrets that she is unable to answer any questions privately

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    Mexico city hailstorm dumps five foot of ice across area in freak summer storm

    Six suburbs were hit with up to five foot of treacherous ice, with the thundering storm hitting the city at around 1am local time (7am BST) on Sunday morning. Vehicles were left half buried, while many homes and businesses were destroyed by the storm. Machinery and protection soldiers were deployed to clear the streets after local officials reported mass flooding and fallen trees.

    Some streets were transformed into rivers of dense moving hail and several people had to be rescued from the roofs of their cars.

    Local officials also reported flooding and fallen trees, but no-one is thought to have been hurt.

    There had been no reported injuries or fatalities in the city of six million people, authorities said.

    However, the state protection office said two people had displayed “early signs of hypothermia”.

    The freak weather came while the city normally enjoys temperatures of 28C in July and 31C in June.

    Seasonal hailstorms have occurred in the region before – but Sunday’s hailstorm was said to be the heaviest the city had ever seen.

    According to AFP, state governor Enrique Alfaro said the storm was evidence that climate change posed a serious threat.

    He said: “I’ve never seen such scenes in Guadalajara. Then we ask ourselves if climate change is real.

    “These are never-before-seen natural phenomena.”

    The metroopolitan area, located north of Mexico City and one of the most populous in the country, was experiencing temperatures of around 31C before the freak hailstorm hit.

    Elsewhere in Mexico, a tropical storm formed off the south coast of the country.

    The US National Hurrican Center said storm Barbara was expected to reach hurricane strength but was not thought to make landfall.

    The tropical storm was located around 850 miles south of the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula on Sunday.

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    Seth MacFarlane: FOX Is ‘Very Civil’ Regarding Roger Ailes Series ‘The Loudest Voice’

    During an interview on ‘Today’, the creator of ‘Family Guy’ opens up about giving the network’s executives an advanced warning about the mini series chronicling their former CEO.

    AceShowbizSeth MacFarlane gave his “Family Guy” TV bosses at Fox advanced warning about his new role in “The Loudest Voice“, because it doesn’t cast late studio boss Roger Ailes in the best light.

    The funnyman takes on a rare dramatic role in the new TV miniseries, which focuses on the last 10 years of Ailes’ life and chronicles his downfall amid sexual misconduct allegations in 2016, a year before his death, aged 77.

    MacFarlane’s involvement in the project, in which he portrays the controversial producer’s public relations executive, drew interest from the media, especially as his animated series “Family Guy” and “American Dad!“, as well as his more recent sci-fi comedy “The Orville“, are all broadcast in the U.S. on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox network, but he insists producers were fully supportive of his latest acting gig.

    “As a courtesy, I did call my friends up there in Murdochland (sic) and said, ‘I just want to let you know I’m doing this,’ and they said, ‘This sounds great, sounds like a great show. I’m sure it’s gonna be cool, I’m sure you’ll be great in it’,” MacFarlane tells U.S. breakfast show Sunday “Today” with Willie Geist.

    He insists he didn’t expect any opposition from Fox officials anyway, because the executives he works with are very level-headed and open to different points of view, unlike some of the more outspoken conservative personalities featured on the company’s Fox News channel.

    “On a day-to-day basis, it’s very civil, and look, I’ve worked with them for years,” MacFarlane continues.

    “I’ve had personal conversations (with executives) where I’ve said, ‘I think this is a massively irresponsible operation over there (Fox News),’ and yet we’re still able to interact.”

    Russell Crowe plays Ailes on “The Loudest Voice”, which also stars Sienna Miller, Annabelle Wallis, and Naomi Watts, and debuts in the U.S. on Sunday night (June 30).

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    Lily Allen opens up about battle with sex addiction: ‘I chose sex over heroin’

    The Not Fair hitmaker prides herself on her refreshingly honest and open approach to sex. 

    But Lily Allen’s relationship with her sexuality has had its ups and downs, as she revealed in a recent interview. 

    Chatting to The Guardian, the 34-year-old confessed that she was “addicted” to sex in the past, though she was unaware of how dangerous it could be. 

    She said: “Sex can still be an addiction. I chose sex over heroin. I didn’t realise at the time.”

    Before continuing: “Addiction can manifest itself in all manners of ways. You use substances or sex to put a plaster over something else, like pain or fear.” 

    Earlier this year, the singer-songwriter filmed herself opening a parcel of sex toys on her Instagram story, in a bid to get rid of the taboo that surrounds them. 

    Presenting four different toys to the camera, she outlined their prices and pointed out the key features to each. 

    Instead of pretending they didn’t exist, she decided to retweet them for the world to see. 

    Explaining her brave decision, she said: “I’m not embarrassed about having a vagina. That’s why I retweeted those knickerless pictures of me on stage.” 

    She added: “They were taken with the sole purpose of trying to embarrass and shame me and I didn’t like it. So I took ownership of them.” 

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    Cricket World Cup: England beat India to revive semifinal hopes

    England ended India’s unbeaten run in the Cricket World Cup to boost their semi-final prospects.

      A spirited England ended India’s unbeaten run in the Cricket World Cup with a 31-run victory in a high-scoring group match to boost their semi-final prospects on Sunday.

      Jonny Bairstow smashed a belligerent 111, Jason Roy returned from a hamstring injury to make 66 and Ben Stokes (79) provided the late burst in England’s commanding 337-7 after electing to bat on an Edgbaston featherbed.

      Rohit Sharma smashed his third hundred of the tournament and Virat Kohli his fifth successive half-century but India did not get another significant partnership and finished on 306-5.

      England leapfrog Pakistan to fourth place with 10 points from eight games, while India remain second on 11 from seven matches.

      “It’s been frustrating a little bit for the guys, we know how well we can play,” Bairstow said after collecting his man-of-the-match award.

      “But today we were pretty good with bat, ball and in the field.

      “It was the closest to a complete performance we’ve had in the competition but we also know we’ve got three must-win games in this World Cup up next.”

      The hosts missed opener Roy particularly in their back-to-back defeats by Sri Lanka and Australia which had jeopardised their semi-final prospects.

      The 28-year-old made an instant impact on his return, forging the tournament’s highest opening stand with Bairstow and both survived some torrid moments before tearing into the Indian attack during their 160-run stand.

      Bairstow nearly deflected a couple of inside edges on to the stump and Roy got a caught-behind reprieve on 21 when he gloved Hardik Pandya.

      The umpire, however, declared it wide and the Indians deliberated for a while before deciding against reviewing the decision in front of an anxious crowd of predominantly India fans.

      England reached the 150 mark in the 21st over and it took a stunning catch by substitute fielder Ravindra Jadeja in the deep to send back Roy.

      Applause for Bairstow

      Bairstow brought up his eighth ODI century off 90 balls, celebrating by dropping his helmet, stretching out his arms and soaking in the applause.

      Mohammed Shami (5-69) returned to end Bairstow’s 109-ball blitz which included six sixes and 10 boundaries.

      India managed to stem the boundary flow in the 30-40 over period, when they conceded only 43 runs while claiming two wickets.

      Stokes clobbered three sixes and six boundaries in his blistering knock before Jasprit Bumrah dismissed him in the final over.

      India, clad in their away orange-and-blue jerseys, wobbled early in their chase.

      Chris Woakes began with three maiden overs, catching the scoreless KL Rahul off his own bowling in his second.

      India could have been in a deeper crisis but Root, who made 44 with the bat, spilled Rohit, then on four, at slip off Jofra Archer.

      Rohit went on to stitch a 138-run partnership with Kohli, the duo frustrating the English attack with their risk-free accumulation.

      Kohli duly brought up his half-century but once again fell short of a hundred, slicing Liam Plunkett (3-55) to backward point.

      Rohit could not be denied his 25th ODI century but he fell to Woakes after making 102 which included 15 boundaries.

      Rishabh Pant made 32 in his World Cup debut and Hardik Pandya chipped in with a 45-run cameo but Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who made 42 not out, failed to do justice to his reputation as a “finisher”.

      “Every team has lost a game or two here and there. No-one likes to lose but we have to take it in our stride,” Kohli said.

      “We have to accept it. We are still playing good cricket. The mood is the same in the changing room. We will learn from it and move forward.”

      Asked about their slow finish with Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav in the middle, Kohli said, “It was just not coming off. England were bowling good areas. It was not easy get to boundaries. We will have to sit down and assess.”

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