Zippo Celebrates Its 600-Millionth Zippo

Zippo has just announced that it has hit its 600 million mark for the number of Zippos produced. The durable and wind-resistant lighter has been a sign of American craftsmanship for over 85 years and was a staple tool during WWII.

Based in Bradford, Pennsylvania, the lighter company celebrated its 500-millionth lighter produced in 2012, and now, just eight years later, they are back for a new Zippo commemorating the 600-million milestone. The Zippo features a high-polished chrome case, 360-degree laser engraving, a red “600 million” logo, and a date of manufacture engraving.

Lucas Johnson, Senior Brand Manager for Global Marketing, comments on the achievement with: “Since its inception, Zippo has been at the forefront of industrial innovation, offering unique quality-independent products. The production of the 600 millionth lighter not only demonstrates our high capacity. It’s also a moment to pause and celebrate all the milestones. We’re delighted to announce the latest design to commemorate the 600 millionth writer. We’re very proud of everything we’ve achieved with Zippo. We are proud of and look forward to what the next 100 million will bring.”

Look for the Zippo to drop September 29 in a limited run of 20,000 units.

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