Your Aries Monthly Horoscope for July

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Say hello to July, Aries! Dust off your psychological sword​​—the month starts off with a battle for power and control on July 1 as Mars in Aries forms a square with Pluto in Capricorn. If you’ve been noticing a certain domineering person at work, you may feel called to express your frustrations and anger. The mood lightens on July 4 as Mars, the planet of action and drive, enters steadfast Taurus. Work can pick up during this time, and so can your spending. Free advice: Get familiar with your budget in case unexpected bills or costs come up. Also on July 4, Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters Cancer, bringing your mental focus back to your home and family. This is an introspective time and you may feel more called to be alone for a while.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13 will bring career matters to a climax. If you’ve been sorting through work drama or dealing with a difficult boss, those issues take center stage. This could mark a turning point in your career, or a decision to leave your current role. A few days later on July 16, the Sun and Mercury meet at the same spot in Cancer. When a planet sits in the heart of the sun, at the same exact degree, it is strengthened. Pay attention to conversations that take place around your home, family, and living situation. You may receive a realization on how to move forward. Another piece of the work drama puzzle unfolds on July 18 when Mercury, the communicator planet, sits opposite Pluto in the sky. You may learn some hidden information that reveals unhealthy and toxic dynamics in your work environment.

On July 19, the mood shifts as Mercury enters jovial Leo. You’re ready to call more fun into your life, and you’re eager to adopt a carefree attitude. You’re approaching matters with a childlike wonder of endless possibilities and a more positive mindset. The Sun joins the party and enters Leo on July 22. The Sun rules Leo, and it’s extra-strong as it moves through this zodiac sign. Romance, creativity, play, and pleasure are all top of mind. This is an aligned time to put yourself out there and take some risks—You’re craving a bit more adventure and excitement in your life. You may have to pump the breaks on July 26 as Mercury in Leo forms a tense square with Mars in Taurus. If you’ve been engaging in an indulgent manner, it may be affecting your bank account. There are plenty of ways to invite in more adventure—try spending some time in nature.

The New Moon in Leo on July 28 is full of promise and expansion. New Moons are all about planting seeds for the future, and this one activates your fifth house of creativity, joy, pleasure, romance, and fertility. This is a wonderful time to focus on your self-expression. Adopting a conscious practice of doing one fun activity a few times a week could also be a wonderful way to use this energy. Also on July 28, Jupiter Retrograde begins. Over the next few months, you’ll be reflecting more on your personal growth and expansion. The month ends with some tough news on July 30, as Mercury, the planet of information, sits across the sky from austere Saturn in Aquarius. You may learn some information about someone in your network, friend circle, or a group that you’re part of. It might feel heavy, but it’s likely information you need in order to make the best choices moving forward.

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