Woman’s mind-blowing cleaning hack removes paint on carpets without any products

A woman has shared her husband's genius cleaning hack to remove fresh paint on carpet without using any chemical detergent.

Kaytee Haas, from US, accidentally spilled some paint on her carpet while she was redecorating her home earlier this year and her husband cleaned the stain using hot water and a vaccum cleaner.

She demonstrated how the trick works on TikTok while claiming it as "the most clutch hack ever".

In the clip, Kaytee's husband poured the paint over the carpet to show how he removed the stain.

First he used a wall scraper to take off the excess paint left on the carpet surface, then poured some hot water over the stain.

To remove it completely, he turned on the vacuum cleaner to lift the stain off the carpet and repeated the process until it was gone.

Kaytee said: "This literally happened to me in our brand new house. I got paint on the floor and I thought we were going to have to throw the whole house away!

"My husband came up with this whole idea – and if you don't have a carpet cleaner, this is for you."

Within minutes, the stain faded away and was barely recognisable on the carpet.

"Look at this," she added. "It looks BRAND NEW! Where have I been?"

The clip has raked up 5.1 million views with thousands of comments praising the useful hack.

One wrote: "Love it! The key to cleaning up paint is to never let it dry!"

A mum said: "So now I don't have to freak out when my kids drop the lotion or nail varnish on the carpet."

Some asked if the trick can be used on dry paint and Kaytee replied it works.

She added: "I didn't know he took the filter out of the vacuum so please make sure you take out your filter if you do need this at some point!"

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