Woman reveals she takes extension lead on holidays instead of adapters

Woman reveals her clever hack to avoid taking a ‘dozen’ adaptors on holiday by packing an extension lead instead – and sends Twitter into meltdown

  • A woman from Nottingham revealed she packed extension leads for her holidays
  • The trick saves space, as it replace the many adapters we pack for electronics 
  • Twitter’s mind was blown, with many users ashamed they hadn’t thought of this
  • Some smart users said had been doing this for ‘years’ and were ahead of times

A woman has won praise after revealing she avoids the hassle of taking a ‘dozen’ plug adaptors on holiday by bringing a single extension cable instead.  

Sasha, from Nottingham, shared the stunningly simple holiday hack on Twitter – and quickly won praise for her idea. 

Several said she was ‘years’ ahead of her time, with one asking: ‘So what’s it like in 2090?’ 

There are currently 15 types of electrical outlet plugs in use around the world today, meaning that people who travel widely could end up buying dozens of adaptors if they’re using multiple electronic devices. 

Sasha, from Nottingham (pictured) blew Twitter’s mind when she revealed she packs one extension lead instead of several plug adaptors  when going on holiday

Sasha’s tweet was shared 1.102 times and liked 9,265 times since she posted it on 30 May, and many Twitter were amazing by the simple trick 

Taking an extension lead is a handy way to avoid taking multiple plug adators on holiday. There are currently more than 15 different plug types in use around the world (stock image) 

In Sasha’s tweet, which has now been shared more than 1,100 times and liked more than 9,300 times, she wrote: ‘Am I the only person who takes an extension lead on holiday instead of taking a dozen plug adapters’ 

‘You’re from the year 3000,’ wrote one impressed user, while another commented that it was ‘the simplest idea’, but they’d never thought of it. 

‘So what’s it like in 2090?’ asked another.

‘ICONIC, what a time to be alive,’ joked another.  

Twitter users have pledged to take a page from Sasha’s book for their next vacation and pack an extension plug 

 ‘OMG I cannot believe this, feel like you’ve just found the cute for world hunger,’ shared another.

‘Why don’t we just ever think of this,’ asked one holiday-maker.

‘This legit has just blown my mind! Why have I never thought of this,’ wrote one woman. 

 ‘Why is this the most clever thing I’ve seen all day

Would you have though of this trick? Instead of packing several adapters for the holidays, why not use an extension lead (stock image) 

Minds were blown, and many users were ashamed to admit they’d never have thought of the trick themselves 

But some users pointed out they already knew about the hack and had been doing it for years.

‘I thought everyone did this,’ commented one woman,

‘What the elite people do,’ playfully bragged another.

 ‘Been doing this for years, we’re too ahead of the game,’ wrote one. 

‘My bro did this last year and I was so impressed,’ shared another. 

But some other users pointed out they have been doing it for ‘years,’ joking they were part of an elite that was ahead of the game 


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