Woman places 'onion all over house' during coronavirus crisis

Woman reveals her mother has placed a raw ONION in the corner of every room in the house in a bizarre attempt to ward off coronavirus

  • Temmy Oseni, from Ireland, revealed mother’s attempt to ward off coronavirus
  • Posted on Twitter to say her mother had ‘placed an onion in every room’ 
  • Left Twitter users in hysterics, with one joking she was ‘seasoning the house’
  • Meanwhile others suggested the bizarre tactic could ‘draw out toxins’  
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A woman has left Twitter users in hysterics after revealing her mother had ‘placed an onion in every room in the house’ in a desperate attempt to ward off coronavirus.

Temmy Oseni, from Ireland, posted on social media to reveal her mother’s bizarre method of fending off the disease.

Sharing snaps of the onions placed sporadically around her home, Temmy tweeted: ‘My mum has put an onion in the corner of every room in the house because whatsapp advised her to.’

Other social media users were left in hysterics  by the move, with one commenting: ‘Imagine seasoning your house lmao.’

Temmy Oseni, from ireland, revealed on Twitter that her mother had placed raw, cut onions around her home because she had heard about it on Whatsapp (pictured, Temmy)

In the tweet, which was shared yesterday, Temmy revealed her mother had put onions in ‘every corner’ of her home because someone had advised it over Whatsapp.

She said: ‘This is the peak of the whatsapp mother’s cult. I am unable to can lmao.’

Alongside the tweet, she shared snaps of four onions cut open to reveal the flesh and scattered across her home.

Many social media users were left in stitches over the move, with one commenting: ‘My mum thinks everything on Whatsapp is true.’ 

Her tweet quickly went viral after she shared snaps of the raw, cut onions scattered around her mothers home (pictured left and right)

Another joked: ‘That’s how you know there’s a flavour.’

One added: ‘Now your house stinks and you’re all in distress.’ 

But while some users mocked the idea, others suggested the bizarre method was a way of ‘drawing out toxins’ from the body.

One commented: ‘I showed this to my mom. My mom said it’s true, it’s how France survived the plague.’ 

Twitter users were left in hysterics over the photographs, with some jokingly saying they could add ‘flavour’ to the house 

Another wrote: ‘Onions draw toxins out. People out them under their pillows, in their socks or clothing, or at their bedside when they’re sick.’

Another added: ‘Be thankful, your mum is a wise woman. Do not underestimate the multifaceted of the onion. Inform her to cut the onion in four.’

Putting cut, raw onions in rooms to protect occupants has long been an old wive’s tale that dates back to the 1500s. 

It was popular in the 14th century when many people believed onions could help to protect them.    

There is no scientific evidence to suggest raw onions can help ward off coronavirus.


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