Why No Escape Star Keegan Allen Is 'Absolutely Not a Horror Person' (Exclusive)

“I sort of watch ‘Child’s Play’ in the reflection of a mirror.”

Keegan Allen may be starring in the new horror-thriller “No Escape,” but watching it is another story.

Speaking exclusively with TooFab, the actor revealed he can be wary of the genre at times — and it has a lot to do with him literally living in a cabin in the woods.

“I’m absolutely not a horror person,” the actor, 31, confessed with a laugh. “I mean, I very much enjoy horror movies when it gets closer to Halloween and, like, I sort of watch ‘Child’s Play’ in the reflection of a mirror. But I have a place alone in the woods — I have a cabin — so I try not to put myself in terrifying mindsets.”

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In “No Escape,” Keegan plays Cole, an uber-popular blogger who travels to Moscow for his latest viral video, filmed in a harrowing escape room. As real life and social media become entangled in chaos and mayhem, Cole and his friends fight to survive — with a jaw-dropping surprise at the end.

“I very much viewed this as a unique thriller of sorts,” Keegan explained. “To some people it may not be horror and to some people it can be horror because you’re putting a psychological twist to it.”

“Also, the fact that there are pretty horrific things that happen,” he added. “Not to give away the ending, but I think the moment when the end happens, then it shifts into a thriller.”

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According to the “Pretty Little Liars” vet, the fascinating mix of genres had him considering what the next installment could entail, should there be a sequel.

“I could definitely see a sequel,” Keegan said. “I was very interested because everybody that probably sees this movie comes out of the theater like, ‘What is going to happen?’ Because there’s so much left at stake.”

Meanwhile, Keegan said he may be starting production soon on the reboot of “Walker, Texas Ranger” called “Walker.” The titular role will be played by Jared Padelecki, with Keegan playing his brother, Liam Walker.

“I’m super excited to work on that project,” exclaimed the actor. “That’s definitely something that I’ve been very passionate about and it very much aligns with so many things in my life.”

“I love the character that I’m playing and I love the world that we’re kind of creating right now.” he added. “I think people will really love the show.”

When asked about the upcoming “Pretty Little Liars” reboot tentatively planned for HBO Max, however, Keegan responded, “I have no comments on that.”

Check out the mind-bending “No Escape” on Digital and On Demand on September 18th.

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