What prize does The Masked Singer US winner get?

MASKED Singer in just a short time has become one of the most Popular US competition shows.

With the season finale of The Masked Singer airing tonight, May 26, 2021 many fans are wondering who will win, and what will they win?

What prize does The Masked Singer US winner get?

The only prize that the champion of the singing show gets is a trophy with a mask on it. 

For the season finale, Black Swan, Chameleon and Piglet are all still competing for the trophy.

The judge that manages to guess the most contestants wins a Golden Ear trophy.

This prize was a late addition to the show, coming in the fourth season of The Masked Singer.

There is no cash prize on the show or donation to a charity of the celebrity's choice.

The above prize is quite a popular prize on certain shows such as Celebrity Jeopardy.

While there is no grand prize, the contestants are payed to appear on the show.

The contestants are paid per week, for the episodes they appear on, as well as receiving a singing bonus.

There is no definitive salary for each contestant, but the dollar amount most likely varies.

As with other, similar shows, the weekly salary and signing bonus varies with the magnitude of the star performing.

There will also be a special guest host for the season finale, which is LeAnn Rimes.

LeAnn Rimes was the winner of season four of The Masked Singer, who was masqueraded as the sun.

Along with LeAnn, The usual hosts Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger, will be there.

The first winner of the show was legendary recording artist T-Pain who performed as monster.

The second winner of the show was five time Emmy winner Wayne Brady who performed as fox.

The third winner of the show was Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Buress who performed as Night Angel.

While the show has dropped many clues on the possible identity of Black Swan, Chameleon and Piglet no judge has been able to guess it so far.

While fans may have their theories, they'll have to tune into the season finale tonight, May 26, 2021 to know for sure.

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