What is a peefee?

For Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday, her husband Kanye West gifted her a hologram of her late father Robert wishing her well and saying how proud of her he was.

It was a surreal thing to see a man who’s been dead for 17 years seemingly talking to his beloved daughter – especially so when Kanye scripted him to say his son-in-law is the ‘most genius man in the whole entire world’.

However, it was also clearly a heartfelt gift for a woman whose dream has been to walk in her father’s footsteps as a lawyer and stand up for her Armenian heritage.

There was one comment, however, that might have been a little confusing.

Holographic Robert told Kim: ‘I watch over you and your sisters and brother and the kids every day. Sometimes I drop hints that I’m around. Like, when you hear someone make a big peefee, or when you make a big peefee.’

Let’s take away the whole reanimation element here. What on earth is a peefee?

Probably not what you think.

According to Urban Dictionary’s top definition, ‘the name for “peefee” comes from pussy fart. meaning the farts that come from your vaginal region.’

Also known as a queef, this is when air releases from the vagina and makes a sound. It’s a common thing, and can happen after sex, exercise, or just from sitting cross legged.

It’s a perfectly normal thing to happen, and although it makes a ‘fart’ noise, it’s not actually the same thing at all.

There’s every chance that this definition isn’t the same thing the hologram was talking about, but given he said you ‘make’ them, it also very much could be.

It’s presumably an in-joke among the Kardashian family, and we also would assume that Kanye hired a sound-a-like to voice deepfake Rob rather than using software to get him to say it.

Either way, it’s all quite unsettling. We know if our parents were to come back from the dead to tell us they love us, we wouldn’t particularly want them to talk about queefing.

Each to their own, though!

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