Umm, Lovehoney Is Running a Massive July 4th Sale on Their Bestselling Sex Toys

Whether you’re a longtime sex toy savant or just decided to dip your toe into the vibrator pool over the past year as a fun way to pass time indoors, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Lovehoney. The online store sells everything from butt plugs and bondage to sexy lingerie (you have to check out their Bridgerton-esque corsets!), vibrators, lube, and massage candles—and yes, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry—it all comes to your doorstep in discreet packaging.

Either way, you and your sex life will be pleased to know that the store just dropped a massive sale with up to 60 percent off some of the top bestsellers on the site like their panty vibrator and oral-mimicking clitoral stimulator. But, if your drawer of vibrators and sex toys is full, now’s a great time to stock up on their silky soft lube at 40 percent off.

Or, maybe you’ve been thinking about mixing things up but don’t want to splurge? Lovehoney is always pretty budget-friendly with their options, but with sales like the ones they’re offering now, there’s never been a better time to experiment with items like their edible cherry massage candle (yup, it’s a thing) or this bondage kit that literally attaches to your mattress.

See below for the 13 best deals from Lovehoney’s July Fourth sale on lingerie, sex toys, vibrators, and more. What better way to celebrate this country’s birthday than with fireworks in the bedroom?

Sale price:  $44.99

The soft silicone on this wand makes it comfortable enough for full-body play, and the bendy head offers the ability to get super precise with where exactly you want to feel all those good vibrations.

Sale price:  $18.49

Any clothing item that’s just as stylish as it is comfortable is a total win, and that’s what this teddy is all about. It’s made with a stretch fabric and straps designed to highlight your gorgeous curves, and the crotchless feature means you can go seamlessly from wearing this with a mini skirt out at night to foreplay and everything beyond without taking off a single layer.

Sale price:  $10.19

Under your full control and the consent of your partner, cuffs can be a super fun way to mix things up. 

If the idea makes you nervous, these are specifically designed for beginners to be comfortable and adjustable (no keys or metal involved!). Now that they’re 40 percent off making them only $10, you’ll want to get two to use on wrists and ankles.

Sale price:  $51.99

Some vibrators can be more work than they’re worth, but this toy doesn’t just vibrate inside you—it actually gyrates to mimic the feeling of penetrative sex, too. At 60 percent off, you’ll want to up the ante by pairing it with a clitoral vibrator.

Sale price:  $55.99

Speaking of clitoral vibrators, this one mimics the sensation of being given oral. The petite device may look small, but it offers four levels of accelerating intensity that make this great for travel, too.

Sale price:  $14.99

Say goodbye to those sad, dreary-looking sex paddles. This silk-lined one is so pretty, you may even want to put it on your nightstand rather than in it. 

The BDSM toy even comes with a comfortable wrist handle for maximum control.

Sale price:  $24.99

A bright red push-up corset like this one screams confidence, whether you’re wearing it with your partner, for yourself, or even with jeans for a night out. 

This one comes with garter straps and a matching lace thong for a whole look you’ll reach for time and time again.

Sale price:  $19.99

With nearly 2,000 five-star reviews, this one’s called the rabbit for a reason. The dual-simulation vibrator offers three speeds, seven patterns, and a rotating head—all for under $20 right now.

Sale price:  $5.39

Nothing sets the ambiance for your sexy nights in like a good candle, and this one melts down into an edible massage oil. Just imagine your partner massaging you and then licking it off. They’re just $5 right now, so you’ll want to stock up on a few.

Sale price:  $41.99

You could pretty much put leather on anything and it would make it sexy. This full bondage set of four leather wrist cuffs comes with straps specifically designed to be attached to your bedpost, mattress, or more (feel free to get creative).

If you’re really planning on sticking to the bed, this fun purple set is actually designed to fit under your mattress.

Sale price:  $24.99

In addition to being all about sex positivity, Lovehoney’s body positive, too. Available in sizes up to G, this sexy set comes with a bra, lacy thong, and garter for a full look that’s begging to be a part of a full boudoir shoot. All of this for just $25 is a total steal. 

If you prefer a bit more coverage or color, you’ll love this black and purple corset set. 

Sale price:  $44.99

This male masturbator actually heats up and is expertly designed with the technology to mimic oral. It makes a great gift and can be a fun way to mix things up with a partner.

Sale price:  $5.99

It’s always good to have some quality lube on-hand, and this water-based one is designed to be comfortably compatible with latex condoms (phew!). The pump nozzle is mess-free, and if you like this one, you’ll definitely want to try the edible cherry flavor. 

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