Uh, The Members Of ENHYPEN Are Ridiculously Good At TikTok Dances

If you think the TikTok Challenge Challenge is a simple feat, you’re either a.) delusional or b.) someone with superior dance skills. But, even those in that second category have found themselves struggling with Cosmo’s resident TikTok competition. 60 seconds to learn a whole entire routine is a major ask! But my goodness did this week’s participants sure step up to the plate. We were joined by the K-Pop group ENHYPEN, who besides being super talented artists, are *next-level* good at TikTok. Like…I’m talking “able to hit the splits on beat in the middle of a dance” good.

Sunghoon, Ni-Ki, Jay, Heeseung, Jake, Sunoo, and Jungwon all took turns destroying the dance floor. TBF, the secret behind their skill was exposed when Jungwon admitted “We do TikToks regularly.” This is good to know. I guess we can all take solace in the fact that practice evidently makes close to perfect. Watch the full video to see who they decided took the TikTok Challenge Challenge crown!

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