Trolls accuse me of faking missing limb for attention – I lost it to cancer

A childhood cancer survivor has bravely spoken out about the abuse she receives online from trolls.

Cherie Louise, 29, had to have her left leg amputated in a bid to save her life after she was diagnosed with bone cancer at six.

In her teens, she struggled with being different, but in her early 20s she started to harness her disability in a more positive way.

She decided to pursue a career as a model and has since shot campaigns for brands like Bluebella and Modibodi.

However it's led to criticism from trolls who accuse Cherie, from New Zealand, of faking her disability for likes.

She said: "People online often accuse me of faking having one leg and claim that I Photoshop my leg out of my photos for attention."

Cherie was taken to countless doctors appointments to find the cause of her symptoms after noticing something was wrong at six.

She was diagnosed with a bone cancer called osteosarcoma where she had to have her left leg and half of her pelvis amputated.

This type of amputation, called an external hemipelvectomy, is rare and risky as it makes things like using a prosthetic quite difficult.

The model had a hard time adjusting to having one leg which left her self-conscious while growing up.

Growing up, Cherie had never seen other amputees anywhere except for once a year when the Paralympics were on TV.

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Cherie said: "People will also see a reflection of something on the floor and claim it is proof that I have photoshopped my leg out.

"I know their comments are ridiculous and easily disproved, so some might think it's just funny when people say that.

"For me, it's annoying, given everything I've gone through to survive, all for people to put it down to being fake and photoshopped.

"I always stood out, and that made me eventually retreat from doing things that brought me more attention, like playing sports.

"I went through the rest of school wanting to blend in as much as possible."

Cherie had a change of heart regarding her disability in her 20s and realised she didn't care anymore about what people thought.

She admitted: "One thing that happened along the way was that I found a model with the same amputation as me on Instagram.

"I remember seeing that she had posted photos of herself in swimsuits and even had photos showing her scars.

'While I had shared many photos of myself, I'd never been brave enough to share something such as a swimsuit photo."

Cherie was about 16 when she went to fashion school and started styling shoots before moving to Melbourne to pursue it further.

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Her first official modelling job was for a lingerie brand, Bluebella, who put out an open casting for a secret project.

She applied where she was selected to be part of the World's Biggest Online Fashion Show.

And her favourite bookings was for Modibodi, the period pants brand.

She concluded: "That was why I wanted to get into modelling, in my heart what I really care about is advocating for disabled people.

"I want to break into the industries that have forever made up stories for us, instead of letting us tell them."

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