The Trailer For Frozen 2 Left Us With a LOT of Questions — Here Are Our Theories

Watch the Official Trailer!

We finally have the official trailer for Frozen 2 (more than three years after the film was first announced in 2015), and it looks amazing! Our favorite Arendellians are back in action, and from the look of the footage, they’re in for an intense ride. We don’t have much in the way of details about the movie’s plot, but what we do know is that our formidable Snow Queen Elsa and her sister Princess Anna will embark on an adventure to the Great Unknown to save their kingdom. Of course, they’re bringing Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven along with them, and it looks like they’ll be needing all the help they can get!

But with the release of the trailer comes more questions than answers. Why is Elsa doing her own version of a Rocky Balboa training montage against the ocean? Who are those two kids playing in leaves in the forest? And what happened in the past that will explain it all??

While we probably won’t be getting answers right away, we do have some ideas. Check out our theories on what we could be seeing when Frozen 2 hits theaters on Nov. 22.

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