The Mirror Is One of Oprah's Favorite Things and You Can Get It for $100 Off Today

How great would it be to have Oprah as your personal shopper? Not only does she have access to all the newest products, but she also strikes the right balance between quality and affordable. The good news: Oprah can be your personal shopper. Well, sort of.

You see, Oprah just released her annual Favorite Things list. While her roundup always features cute clothes, delicious food, and game-changing tech, I personally have my eye on the Mirror Gym.

I know, I know: The Mirror Gym is not exactly what anyone would call cheap. But, when you think about how much it can do, it’s a great bang for your buck. At first glance, the Mirror Gym looks like any reflective surface: A great way to preview an outfit, finesse your makeup, or check to see if you have a six-pack after doing five burpees.

But the Mirror is actually a stealth state-of-the art workout tool. Fire it up and stream live or play pre-recorded workout classes. (There’s 50+ exercise genres so you never get bored.) Behind the shiny surface is advanced camera technology that gives you instant feedback and motivation. It’s basically a personal trainer on call 24/7.

Oh, and did I mention it’s currently on sale? The Mirror gym is typically sold for $1,495; however, Amazon’s selling it for $100 less. But don’t sleep on it: I have a feeling this pick won’t be in sale (or in stock) for much longer. The Mirror gym was already popular, but having Oprah’s stamp of approval elevates it to must-have status.

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