'The Bachelorette': Hannah B Finally Explains Why She Really is Attracted to Luke P.

It’s the question that Bachelorette fans everywhere can’t help but ask. Why, oh why, is Hannah Brown attracted to Luke Parker?

Sure, on day one, he was charming and said that he was ready to make Brown the queen of the jungle, but since then he’s pretty much been headed down a one-way road to crazy town. He’s been aggressive, he’s been demanding, and he’s gotten under the skin of almost every other guy there. But through it all, Brown must see something redeemable about him.

She recently went on former Bachelor Nick Viall’s The Viall Files podcast to explain the attraction.

Why does Brown like Parker?

With Brown and Parker, it was all about their instant connection.

“My relationship with Luke P., especially at the beginning, like the instant connection, reminded me a lot of my really long-term relationship and so it was like this initial attraction of like, goo goo ga ga eyes,” she told Viall. “And I know that like through what we’ve seen, I really held on to that. I hadn’t had a connection like that in a really long time, and when it had for me, it was like…it was huge. And he is a spark of something that I can see.”

But Brown is aware that that spark could actually be a warning light.

“He’s like the brightest light out there and I don’t know if the light is like a ‘do not come here’ caution light, or like the beacon,” she continued. “He’s the brightest thing that’s like attracting me right now.” 

How does Brown feel about the way Parker behaves?

Brown isn’t completely oblivious to Parker’s bad behavior. In fact, she has sort of developed a “savior” complex to it.

She told Viall that when she sees a light in someone and knows that there could possibly be a good person under all of the bad antics, she wants to explore that.

“I’m gonna be the one that helps,” she said. “I don’t even make excuses, but I’m like ‘no, I think this person’s a good person. I’m gonna make this person a good person,’” she said.

And that goes beyond Parker.

“Not just with Luke but with a lot of the guys, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt of like the weird that we’re in,” she said. “This is so hard, like ‘hey you’re kind of coming off like this, do you want to come off like this? Because this is what you’re actually doing…You think this is what’s happening, it’s not. You actually are looking kind of crazy. So are you crazy or not? I’m gonna let you have another chance to see if you’re actually crazy.’” 

Does Brown think this season will end in marriage?

With all of the red flags surrounding Parker, it’s hard to say if Brown will get her happy ending or not. Host Chris Harrison has even had his reservations.

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“I do think that that is a possibility,” Brown told Entertainment Tonight of getting engaged at the end of the season. “It’s still really early and that is a very serious commitment for me and something that I don’t want to fail at.”

“I want my engagement to be a marriage and my marriage be forever, and sometimes I hesitate on that just because I want to make sure that I am completely 100 percent in love with somebody and want to spend the rest of my life with them and know that in return. I definitely think that could happen here, but still need more time.”

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