Tesco shopper embarrassed as prankster daughter stashes sex aid under bananas

A woman left viewers in hysterics after she hilariously pranked her mum by stashing "something naughty" in her shopping trolley at Tesco.

Jessica Duffy standing in the queue in the supermarket as her mum was unloading their weekly shop from the trolley on to the counter.

The social media user, who posts under the username @jessicaduffyx, waited patiently for her mum to notice the odd item she had hidden under some bananas in the trolley.

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Her brother was seen trying to contain his chuckles as they waited for the mum to realise.

But when she didn't spot it, Jess pointed at it and said: "That's yours."

Her unsuspecting mum replied: "What's mine?" before cackling with laughter when she realised that hidden among her groceries was a purple vibrating sex toy.

Jess gained over 4.3million views on the only video on her TikTok account, with viewers rushing to the comments to praise her for the hilarious prank.

One user wrote: "Gotta do this to my mom!"

Another quipped: "When you get home later and hear her brushing her teeth in bed."

A third joked: "Bet my mum would literally throw it on me

A fourth commented: "Him crying behind her was great."

However, one mum took to the comments with the best comeback after her son tried to pull the same prank on her.

She wrote: "My son did that to me one time I picked it up as loud as I could this in is a lot smaller than the other one you bought. He hasn't done it since."

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The news comes after a mum was left fuming after her prankster son naughtily replaced her living room candles with glasses of milk to see how long it would take her to notice.

Corbin Millet took to TikTok to share his mischievous plot as he replaced her tall, glass-encased white candles with two similar-appearing pint glasses of milk to see how long it would take his mum to click on.

It took two days to get an update after the initial video of him switching them reached more than 43million views – by which time, the milk had created a powerful pong in the living room.


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