Take the plunge at one of the UK's best nudist beaches

These seven beautiful nudist beaches in the UK, from the depths of Devon to Scotland’s most rugged islands, invite visitors to strip off and frolic freely. Will you join them?

Do you often just, you know, hang out naked? It’s not for everyone; even when we’re alone, being naked can feel exposing and uncomfortable. While others love being in the buff, often happy to pad around their home without a stitch on, or love waiting until housemates have gone out to wander around naked.

There’s a few months of the summer left and we’ve got our fingers crossed for some brilliant weather. So, in the spirit of embracing ourselves just as we are, we’re keen to strip back and strip off to get comfortable with our bodies in the purist sense.

You see, as far as we’re concerned there’s nothing more beautiful than the female form, and if you want to feel more at home in your skin, we’ve found a freeing way to do it – at the beach. The UK might not be your first choice when it comes to a beach holiday, but as travel warnings regarding the pandemic seem to be changing by the week, we think that planning a sandy staycation is a pretty good idea. 

And the thing is, Britain is actually home to a wealth of sandy dunes and dramatic coastlines that would put the Maldives to shame (well, kind of). What’s more, a surprising number of them are nudist friendly, making them the perfect place to get your kit off in a setting designed for it: after all, walking down Oxford Street starkers could get you in a spot of bother. 

We’ve picked our favourites from a selection of locations across the country and think heading to one is not only a great excuse for a staycation, but could be a new way to reconnect with yourself. 

  • Perran Bay, Cornwall

    Best nudist beaches in the UK: Cornwall

    You’ll find the golden sands of Perranporth on Cornwall’s north coast. This gorgeous beach is huge, and is backed by the dunes of Penhale Sands. Naturists are invited to use the northern part of the three-mile long beach, but not the dunes, and beach patrol are in operation to ensure the rules are stuck to.

    If you’re into surfing, be sure to bring your board, as the beach is known for some pretty good waves (although we’d recommend wearing a wet suit for that!).

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  • Morfa Dyffryn, Wales

    Best nudist beaches in the UK: Wales

    The sandy dunes of Morfa Dyffryn are the perfect place to peel off your clothes when the sun comes out, being recognised as one of Wales’ prettiest nudist beaches and attracting attention from nudists all over the world.

    It sits on the outskirts of Dyffryn Ardudwy, a small village in the area of Gwynedd, which serves as a peaceful escape for anyone hoping to leave the city behind for the weekend. It’s also next to a few other villages and some fascinating historical sites, like the Grade II listed St Dwywe’s Church. This church, for example, is built on an ancient mound, and is said to sit at the tip of a straight line which runs through the area, suspected to be a prehistoric man made structure relating to the summer solstice. Interesting, huh?

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  • Studland Bay, Dorset

    Best nudist beaches in the UK: Dorset

    This spectacular coastline is full of dramatic rock faces and sandy dunes, perfect for an afternoon stroll in the buff. This Dorset naturist hot spot is one of the most popular in the country according to the National Trust. 

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  • Brighton Beach, East Sussex

    Best nudist beaches in the UK: Brighton

    If there was ever to be a city with a nudist beach, it would be Brighton. This progressive, flamboyant and utterly free pocket of England is known for its thriving LGBTQ+ community and encourages all those who visit to embrace their true selves. So, it doesn’t surprise us that it’s actually home to the first nudist beach in the UK, opening in 1980.

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  • Cleats Shore, Isle of Arran

    Best nudist beaches in the UK: Isle of Arran

    Scotland’s chilly conditions might not sound the most appealing place when considering places to go for a clothe-less roam, but Cleats Shore’s spotless sands might be enough to change your mind. 

    Note: this image is of the Isle of Arran, not Cleats Shore specfically.

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  • Porthzennor Cove, Cornwall

    Best nudist beaches in the UK: Cornwall

    The rocks at Porthzennor Cove not only contribute to the striking coast line, but they also shelter the beach from harsh south-west winds. Maybe that’s why this sandy spot has become an unofficial naturist beach, protecting those who embrace going au naturale there from getting too nippy.

    Note: this image is of St Ives, close to Porthzennor Cove.

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  • Budleigh Salterton, Devon

    Best nudist beaches in the UK: Devon

    Devon’s Budleigh Salterton beach is characterised by its two kilometers of pebbles that acts as the mouth of the famous Jurassic Coast. Although pretty to look at, make sure you don’t slip as we can’t imagine they’d be the softest landing spot while in the nude. 

    The area has a fascinating history, with climbing sandstone formations that date back to the Triassic period, about 240 million years ago. Because of this, and the beaches three cafes, it tends to be a pretty popular spot with tourists – but don’t worry, the far western area is one of Devon’s most popular spots for naturists too. 

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Images: Jakob Owens – Unsplash / Getty 

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