Summer Reading: Four Celebrity Memoirs You Won't Want to Put Down

Whether you are spending your summer days on the beach, jetting around the country, or enjoying a staycation in your own backyard, you’ll need a good book to pass the time. Summer reads are usually light, usually fun and generally easy to consume, but these four celebrity memoirs run the gamut from intense to lighthearted, funny to fundamentally necessary. Whether you read one of them or all of them this summer, you’ll find a brand new appreciation for the four celebrity writers who took the time to put pen to paper.

From Darkness to Light by Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom went from the bottom to the top and back again. Part of an unstoppable basketball team, Odom married into reality TV royalty when he courted Khloe Kardashian. All was not well behind the scenes, though. Odom privately battled a drug addiction that would ultimately unravel his marriage, force him out of the NBA and, eventually, nearly cost him his life.

Odom’s memoir takes readers into the dark and seedy world ofsubstance abuse, and into the equally dark realm of undiagnosed anxiety anddepression. In short, the former hoopster lays everything bare in his memoir,allowing, for the first time, fans to understand precisely who Odom is and whyhe does what he does.

Small Fry by Lisa Brennon-Jobs

Lisa Brennon-Jobs might not be a celebrity in the traditional sense of the word. She manages to get through life mostly unrecognized on the crowded streets of New York, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t famous. Brennon-Jobs is the daughter of Steve Jobs. Yes, that Steve Jobs.

While Jobs came across as a reclusive genius while he was alive, Brennon-Jobs decided to tell the world just how complicated her dad was. Through her eyes, Brennon-Jobs tells her own story about growing up as the first (and often contested) child of the man who brought the world the iPhone. If you ever wanted to know what it was like growing up around someone recognized by the world over without really knowing him yourself, this is the summer read for you.

Next Level Basic by Stassi Schroeder

So, “basic” usually is not considered a good thing. In hotel room accommodations it is a designation for the cheapest room available. In the world of pop culture, “basic” refers to anything and anyone who is mainstream. Pumpkin spice lattes are basic, for example. Stassi Schroeder of Vanderpump Rules fame is asking her fans to embrace the basic in her 2019 debut memoir.

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Stassi shares everything from behind-the-scenes secrets from Vanderpump Rules to the awkward encounter that took her v-card. Overall, she’s unabashedly herself in the book, and while Schroeder isn’t exactly offering any groundbreaking information, the memoir is fun and sassy. It’s a perfect beach read for any reality TV fans.

Sissy: A Coming of Gender Story by Jacob Tobia

Tobia has a way with words. The activist and television host takes fans through his own coming-of-age and coming-of-gender story. They note that everyone walks a gender tightrope, but for some, it’s more intense, more painful, and much more complicated than for others. Tobia writes that being uncomfortable in your assigned gender is sort of like having a backache. It’s not like a broken leg that can’t be ignored or pushed passed for the time being. Backaches are a slow gnawing that grow over time until a person can’t ignore it anymore.

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“It is in Tobia’s often self-deprecating humor that “Sissy” is most transformative, and where it most departs from other trans memoirs. The seriousness of the topic never feels glossed over, which allows for an organic and seamless journey from tears on one page to laughing aloud on the next. If Tobia aspires to the ranks of comic memoirists like David Sedaris and Mindy Kaling, “Sissy” succeeds.” – @nytimes If a glowing review of your book in the New York Times Book Review is every author’s dream, then getting compared to @davidsedarisbooks and @mindykaling by the NYT must be a wet one. Thank you @nytbooks for making this trans writer’s dreams come true; thank you @sarahemcbride — a brilliant trans author, master political communicator, and all around heartthrob — for your words; and thank you Samantha Allen for writing #realqueeramerica I’m honored to be reviewed alongside you. I could not be more thrilled and I am going to eat a lot of ice cream to celebrate. The review is on newsstands today!??? #sissythebook #transfunnygirl #NYTofficial #hyperventilating

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Tobia takes readers through the journey of gender identity, from childhood and activism, weaving in invaluable information that everyone needs to help create an inclusive and accepting world. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the LGBTQ community and activism.

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