Stay-at-home daughter spends £2k every day and hires people to brush her hair

A stay-at-home daughter has dished the dirt on how she splurges up to £40,000 of her parents’ money and hires someone to brush her hair.

Roma Abdesselam now has more than 600,000 followers on her TikTok channel, and it's here that she regularly posts videos that show off her life of luxury.

The short clips show everything from her having a Botox top-up to splurging on jewellery in Cartier, and she gets quite a mixed bag of responses from her followers.

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While some aspire to the lavish lifestyle, others appear jealous and think she's just "showing off."

Despite this, Roma claims that it takes quite a bit of effort to make it as a stay-at-home-daughter.

Roma told Fabulous: “Taking care of yourself as a woman is a job in itself.

“I have no idea how women have 9-5 jobs and then manage to get any procedures done, that for me is a 9-5.”

Even though the New Yorker never has to set an alarm and doesn't have a job, she says she never has any spare time.

She gets coffee delivered to her house every morning, which gets her in the mood to go to her workout class.

Then, she typically gets her hair done, has lunch and spends the afternoon shopping with her mates.

The gym bunny "squeezes in another workout" when she can, before heading out with pals in the evening.

Roma's lifestyle is entirely paid for by her parents, and she confessed she doesn't like to even complete the smallest of tasks if she can hire someone to do it for her instead.

She said: “I hate washing my hair myself – it’s a lot of work so I pay someone else to do it several times a week along with a blow dry.

“I hate doing anything that’s an inconvenience, I don't know how to wash my hair so someone can do it for me.”

It may seem quite flashy to pay to have your hair done but, with Roma's never-ending budget, it's not a big deal.

Roma splurges the most cash on her couture wardrobe, which she thinks is probably now worth around £1.6 million, as the influencer spends £250,000 on clothes every year.

Even though she always splashes the cash, she says her expensive items don't tend to last for long.

Despite spending £40,000 on a shopping trip on one occasion, Roma hasn't got much wear out of the items.

She admitted: “I usually only wear an outfit once or twice before I get rid of it. I don’t like having too much clutter so I will donate them.

“If I have taken a picture in an outfit and it doesn’t have that new feel, I go off it.”

Aside from her love for fashion, she also spends quite a bit of money on beauty treatments.

Roma has microneedling every two months and books in for Botox and microblading sessions a few times per year.

Her other pricey treatments include body tightening, lymphatic massage and facials.

The young influencer also jets off on holidays ten times a year, and loves doing nothing but being a daughter, but she admitted that her parents would like her to start being more independent.

She was even put on a tight budget after she went a little too far on one particularly expensive spending spree.

After she splurged £122,000 in a single month, Roma's parents took her credit card away.

She added: “My family do push me to get a job and they also push me to get married because they don’t want me to rely on them financially, I’m kind of like a leech.”

But, in better news for her parents, Roma has been able to support herself more over the past 12 months due to the success of her TikTok account – Therealsahd (Stay at Home Daughter).

The videos she creates that show off her lavish lifestyle bag as many as 15 million views each, which means Roma now takes home around £20,000 a month from her social media channel.

The one downside is Roma's fortune comes with its critics, as she admits she can fall victim to a lot of trolling.

But while it annoys her that they pick on her friends and family, she doesn't let personal insults get to her.

The TikToker added: "When they’re telling me how ugly I am I just have to laugh because their comments are so ridiculous.”


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