Singletons share excruciating opening lines from dating app matches

Get the message! Singletons share excruciating opening lines from dating app matches that would have been better left unsent

  • As Valentine’s Day approached, Ranker has compiled awkwardly flirty texts  
  • In one smooth move, a texter opens by saying they want to explore ‘Ireland’ 
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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many will be lining up their dates over social media platforms like Tinder or Hinge. 

It’s always risky to get to know someone over text – but can also result in some hilarious interactions.

Here, Ranker compiled a selection of the most cringe-worthy moments that came out of audaciously flirty messages.

In one instance, a smooth operator made their move by claiming they want to explore ‘Ireland’, whereas as another opened up by talking of their love for Greek cuisine.

Here, FEMAIL looks at the awkward fails (and surprising wins) borne out of suave social media Lotharios. 

This smooth operator, understood to be from the UK, decided to skip the small talk and get to the heart of the matter

Here, a modern day bard decided to use the power of language to make their move by using Arkansas-based wordplay 

Starting a relationship with honesty is the best way – and Amber, understood to be from the US, decided not to mess around

One suave texter decided to celebrate their freedom by killing two birds with one stone – by asking for a place to crash, and getting their flirt on

This texter, understood to be from the US, took rejection like a champ after an off-piste joke didn’t land 

Who says romance is dead? One user decided to skip the formalities as they suggested exploring ‘Ireland’

This couple, understood to be US-based, made the best of cringe-worthy dialogue – and just in time, a few days before Valentine’s Day

One romancer kept it classy by starting off the conversation sharing their love of Greek cuisine 

Honesty is the best policy? One suave Lothario admitted that their less than subtle strategy has not been successful 

It’s important to protect yourself from being catfished these days, and one US-based texter wasn’t about to take any chances 

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