Shopping insider says Aldi wont offer buy one get one free deals anytime soon

Despite budget supermarket Aldi being known for its low prices, you never see the traditional buy one get one free deals in any of its stores.

And now a supermarket insider has revealed why there are never BOGOF deals in the store – and why there won't be anytime soon.

The expert says Aldi tries to focus on offering the cheapest deals on a consistent basis, according to Wales Online.

Instead of BOGOF deals, Britain’s fifth-largest supermarket chain offers its famous Specialbuys aisle.

The aisle offers anything from electricals and clothes to garden furniture and homeware.

As well as this, Aldi offers its ‘Super 6’ selection of seasonal fruit and veg at super-low prices every fortnight.

And if you've been wondering how to correctly pronounce Aldi, the insider also set the record straight on that too.

Many people drag it out and say ‘All-di’, but according to the insider, we should be saying ‘Al-di’.

The supermarket’s name comes from the surname of the brothers who started the chain in 1946, Karl and Theo Albrecht. The 'Al' is taken from Albrecht, and the 'di' comes from discount.

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The news comes after one Aldi customer hit headlines over the weekend.

Mum Nicola Fuller, 35, was left in tears after her food was scanned so quickly by one Aldi worker that it overflowed the packing area and fell like a 'slot machine' in Teesside.

Nicola claimed the worker refused to slow down his "ferocious" scanning speed even after her food overflowed from the packing area and crashed to the floor – leaving other shoppers "gawping".

She said she "frantically reached" to place each item in her bags as "huge towers" of groceries soon loomed precariously over the edge of the packing area.

Nicola said: "I asked the cashier to please stop scanning through more food and that it felt like he was throwing the items at me."

She said his response was "blunt and aggressive", as he said that she "obviously wasn't packing quickly enough" and that she was a "liar" for her accusations.

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