Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid Can’t Stop Wearing This Fall Essential and You Can Buy It on Amazon for Under $10

If I could put dressing inappropriately for the weather on my resume, believe me I would. I started to hone this skill when I was just four-feet-something and nineyears old. Like most moms, my mom would tell me I was going to be cold in what I had decided to wear and would force a pair of black stockings on me. At nine, I was smart enough to know not to argue with her, but stubborn enough to take them off the second I got to school. 

Flash forward to 2019 and the kinds of celebrities I would plaster images of all over my bedroom wall are now wearing stockings — on purpose! — in ways that make me want to wear stockings — also on purpose! But they’re slightly different than the ones I dreaded wearing as a kid. The biggest hosiery trend of the moment isn’t necessarily your mom-approved pair of plain black tights, it’s sheer black knee-high stockings.

Like most big fashion trends, Prada is to blame. At the spring 2019 Prada show, models wore hyperfeminine prints, padded headbands, and babydoll dresses with chunky shoes and sheer black knee-high stockings. The unexpected accessory made every otherwise overtly girly look feel punk and subversive. It took approximately two seconds before every celebrity started to catch on. 

Celebrities Can’t Stop Wearing This Fall Essential and You Can Buy It on Amazon For Just $8

Everyone from Selena Gomez to Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner has been spotted wearing a pair of statement knee-high stockings in recent months. Not to mention absolutely every showgoer, editor, and influencer at fashion week. Of course, the OG runway Prada pair that supermodels can easily afford are way out of the hosiery budget (well, if I’m being honest, regular budget) for normal peasants like myself, with a price tag of $165. Naturally though, Amazon has the sheer black knee-high stockings trend for under $10. And, because this is Amazon, they also come in a pack of 10. 

Celebrities Can’t Stop Wearing This Fall Essential and You Can Buy It on Amazon For Just $8

As the proud owner of 20 pairs of these Amazon sheer knee-high stockings (winter is coming and I couldn’t help myself) I can absolutely see where the 520 four-and-a-half-star reviews are coming from. These knee-highs don’t just make me feel like a Prada model, they also stay in place above my knee and do not tear or rip at all. 

They’re also the easiest trend of the season to wear. They go just as nicely with loafers as they do with white sneakers, ankle boots, or even clogs. Whenever I’m in a rush I’ll throw a pair of these on with my favorite chunky shoes and a dress, and everyone compliments me on my outfit without fail. It’s an instant statement-maker that’s easy to style and comfortable to wear. And, unlike almost every other trend of the moment, sheer black knee-high stockings are actually practical and add a good amount of warmth to my calves. 

Much to my mom’s displeasure, I haven’t fully come around to puffer coats and parkas, but I’d like to think this celeb-approved knee-high stocking trend is a step in the right direction for dressing responsibly for the cold. You can shop a pack of 10 black knee-high stockings on amazon for $10 and trust me when I say your mom — and even Bella Hadid — would be so proud. 

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